June 16th, 2005



I was finally able to talk to the mortgage guy at Washington Mutual. I gave him all the info for the pre-approval, and he said he'd have an answer for me next week. And he said that what they would do was a first mortgage at 80% of the purchase price, and then a second mortgage for 10%, and then I would contribute 10%. This way, I avoid having to pay PMI. If the purchase price is low enough, the money I make off of my current place will be 20%, so I'll only have to deal with the one mortgage. So, here's hoping I find a nice cheap place.

I need to remember to call the realtors and let them know that my neighbor agreed to let them put a sign in the yard. And I should also probably apply for at least one other pre-approval, so that I can compare rates and such.


OK, I think it's time to tell people to come get stuff at my house. I should be home cleaning and packing and stuff all weekend, so feel free to give me a call and say that you're coming over. I have books to give away, along with lots of miscellaneous things, doodads, gewgaws, and tchotchkes. I also have some small appliances, like a small food processor and a coffee maker. I have some of it set aside in the second bedroom, but some of it is just sitting around my house. If you don't mind walking through the house looking for things, then feel free to come by whenever. If you'd like there to be a better chance that I'll have most of the stuff I'm getting rid of moved up to the second bedroom, then you're probably better off showing up some time Sunday afternoon.

If there's a particular item of mine that you know you want, you can email me, and I'll set it aside for you.

Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might be in the market for some free crap.