June 5th, 2005


LJ dreamin'

I had a dream just before getting up where I was at a gathering with extended family. Then I was riding a bus home, and, in my head, I was composing an LJ post about the event, specifically about two times I lied to my grandparents so I wouldn't have to discuss something with them.

First time composing an LJ post in a dream for me.

Comics suggestions

I got an Amazon gift certificate from my Dad, so I picked up Flight Volumes 1 and 2. They arrived yesterday (or maybe Thursday), and I just finished Volume 2 this morning. Excellent books, and very well put together (with the minor exception of a page in Volume 2 being repeated, which is very much better than a page being missing). I have an Amazon gift certificate from my sister now; does anyone have any recommendations for other comics to get?