June 4th, 2005


Wonderfalls: The Complete Series

Wonderfalls is wonderfuls.

I think I put it on my Netflix queue after happening upon it while browsing TV shows. The complete series is only one season (well, half a season, really) on three discs. I watched the first disc and am enjoying it very much, but I can see that it probably would be hard to keep interesting much longer than the 13 episodes it runs.

It's about a young woman who works in a gift shop at Niagara Falls and has plastic and stuffed animals telling her to do things. I think some of you wouldn't like it so much, because the things they tell her to do end up helping people, so it can be kinda cutesy. Also, I think some people might say that it tries too hard for the "quirky" label. But it's usually not apparent from the beginning why she is being told to do something, and some of the twists and turns can be quite fun. And the talking animals are neato. Maybe a cross between "Quantum Leap" and "Northern Exposure"?