September 29th, 2004



So I'm considering taking a vacation around Thanksgiving. Either take the 3 days before Thanksgiving off, giving me the weekend before and the weekend after, or take the 5 days off after Thanksgiving weekend.

In any case, I need to figure out where to go. I think either Alaska or Iceland might be fun, since they would give me a good chance of seeing the aurora borealis. Maybe not the best time to visit them, though, especially Alaska. I've also thought it might be nice to spend some time in Colorado (I've only ever driven through). Somewhere in the Southwest might be nice, too. And then there's Europe. UK/Ireland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Iceland (mentioned above). And maybe Japan. I'll actually know someone in Japan. Also, my aunt's relatives live there, although I've never met them, and I don't think they speak English. I really don't think I can afford airfare to Japan, though. The U.S. and Europe are affordable, though. I need to go somewhere by plane, because if I drive anywhere I'll just want to come back soon. I may still want to come back soon if I fly somewhere, but I'll be forced to stay until my plane goes back.

Anyone want to suggest a vacation destination for me? I'm interested in taking pictures, and maybe just soaking up local culture. I'm not at all interested in hanging out on a beach or vigorous outdoor activity.