September 17th, 2004


A bit of Mu writeup for mattlistener

I played some 4-player Mu and found myself not bidding at all for several hands. This may not seem remarkable unless you've ever played Mu or most any other game with me. I haven't played all that much 4-player Mu, so this may be more normal. See, I had fairly flat distribution. Things like 4-4-3-3-1 and 4-4-3-2-2. The first time I was the dealer and decided to not bid and see what came up. Neither of my 4-card suits came up, so I just decided to stay out of the bidding entirely. The chief ended up not making the contract. The second time, I was the last to bid, and none of the other 3 people had bid any of my 4-card suits, so I again decided to stay out of the bidding. The chief went down again. And, having not put out any cards, I was not chosen as partner either hand, and i believe I was leading at that point.

Most of the contracts in the game failed, which is why I think I was later able to get a 1-bid with no vice. I had 6 yellow cards and was able to have complete control of trump. Sure, I only got a 10-point bonus, but I raked in 36 triangles, giving me a 20-40 point net gain over everyone else. It might have been tempting to bid myself up in order to get a larger bonus, but then someone would likely have put at least one card down, and I don't think my net gain would have been as high.

I think I still prefer 5-player Mu, but 4-player Mu is fun as well.

Rain and planes

jaq and theora both made it to Atlanta . . . eventually. One got diverted to Charlotte, and one got diverted to Savannah. They ended up making it to Atlanta pretty close together, about 5 hours later than planned. I heard from both of them once they landed there, and, if all worked as planned, they met at theora's arrival gate.

Here's hoping Hurricane Jeanne doesn't give them any trouble on the way back (ugh. It looks like it might).

My invited

I was going to do a rant, but I just don't have the energy. Plus, it was going to be a sucky rant. I mean, really, people aren't perfect, so why don't I just shut up already?

One project a month?

I wonder if it would help me actually get things done if I chose one project (FSVO "project") per month and spent that month's free time mostly doing that project and not thinking about other projects. For example, I could spend a month on French. I'd do all sorts of French things that month, but I wouldn't worry about becoming perfect at it. If I'm only doing it for a month, I can't become perfect at it, so maybe I wouldn't worry so much about it. And, if I change things every month, I can keep things in motion, keep things new, so that I don't get bored. This would allow me to focus on one thing without worrying that I'm neglecting other things, because it's part of the designed framework to work on one thing per month. I find that I work a lot better with some sort of direction, and I'm wondering if some self-imposed direction like this would be helpful.

I just thought of this idea today, so I'm not sure what I think about it. Does anyone have any thoughts on it? Has anyone tried anything similar? I just really need to do something, so I'm trying to think outside the box.