September 9th, 2004

pink vader


I did some lazing around last night, but I also got a couple of things done. I managed to eat dinner that I had made the previous day, and I managed to make egg salad for lunch today. I also got the sink cleared out in preparation for doing the dishes tonight. And this morning, I took the trash and recycling out. I did not, however, spend any time thinking about my priorities.

I'm not sure if I've ever made egg salad. I really liked it when my mom made it, and I think hrafn might have made it once. Nine hard-boiled eggs, some mayonnaise, some minced green onion, some paprika, and some "mustard blend" (mustard seed and wheat flour mix). The little bit I tried as I was making it was very good. Thanks to magid for making some yesterday and thus inspiring me to make some. Two sandwiches went into my bag this morning. Plus I have an avocado and some ketchup at work from yesterday, so I should be pretty much set for food today. And there's enough egg salad left for two sandwiches tomorrow, too.

Here's one thing I can try to do. I can cook something every day. I enjoy cooking, and it helps keep expenses down. So, I haven't cooked anything yet today, and I still have some leftover chicken to eat for dinner tonight, plus the egg salad for lunch tomorrow. This will be the first test, then: cooking something on a week day when I don't need to in order to eat right then. I went shopping over the weekend when my mom was visiting, and I bought salsa ingredients. I think I might make some salsa tonight.

Does anyone know if salsa freezes well? Or, if not, how long it will keep in the refrigerator?


Picked up the pictures after work yesterday. I wasn't particularly fond of the portraits, but there were some cloud pics that I think are definitely going to make it into the cloud room. It's interesting looking at pictures of just clouds, with no context. In some of them, it's not immediately clear which way is up; I like that.

I should probably just suck it up and buy a scanner. I'd like to be able to archive my print photos digitally, but the idea of paying to have them put on a CD each time doesn't seem very economical, thus I haven't done it. I could buy a scanner for less than I spent this weekend on Futurama DVDs.