September 4th, 2004

sideways naked


Woke up a little after 2 from an emotionally intense dream. Couldn't get back to sleep. Got up around 3. I've been playing Heroes of Might & Magic and reading Nodwick since then. Er, it's after 6 now. I wonder if I should try to sleep. My mom should be here in 6 or 7 hours, so I had intended to clean the house this morning. Well, we'll see what I feel like once I finish this scenario.

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Slept from about 7:30 until 10:00. Did a little cleaning. I still have a little more to do, including a few dishes. I'm really going to try to get the house looking mostly respectable by the time my mom gets here, if for no other reason than she'll want to help me clean it if it's not already clean.