September 2nd, 2004


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Not in the mood to work today. The move last night put me in a not-good mood. Then the weather this morning is perfect, making me want to just spend the day outside. And I have to do stuff that is somewhat creative (writing additional exercises), which isn't something I particularly like doing at work on the best of days.

I really need to clean my fucking house. My mom is coming on Saturday, so that should give me enough motivation. It might not give me the motivation until Saturday morning, though.

When you get a roll of film developed at South End Photo Lab, they put a coupon in with your prints. Five coupons gets you a roll of film. I've never turned them in before, but I'm out of film. So I brought some in to work with me today, enough for two rolls. The plan is to get the film after work today. Maybe I can get some decent portraits this weekend.

Copley Concert

Thursdays this month feature classical music concerts at Copley. They lower the water level in the fountain, and there is a little platform there that is a bit above the rest of the floor of the fountain. So you end up with something a little like an amphitheater. Today's concert was by a family quartet. Dad on piano, Mom on flute, 14-year-old chick on violin, 17-year-old dude on cello. Pleasant music and, as I mentioned earlier, a perfect day to be outside. My favorite piece was two movements (first and sixth) from Dvorak's Dumky Trio (Mom flipped pages for Dad).
pink vader


Someone in the department just got back from visiting England and Wales. She brought back some cookies from Marks and Spencer. I left the chocolate digestives alone, but I did have one of the "orange jaffa cakes". Soft cookie with a layer of orange filling and a layer of dark chocolate. Yum. If someone wanted to bring some of those back, I wouldn't be upset. Although it might be worth checking the import aisle at Stop & Shop. Oh, that reminds me that I should probably go grocery shopping before my mom gets here. Well, not tonight. I really just want to go home right now. I think I'll try to get a bit more done before thinking about going home, though.