June 9th, 2004



I spent a lot of time last night and this morning thinking about all this MBTA crap. This is noteworthy because I don't usually spend lots of time thinking about any one particular thing. What I most found myself doing was running through different scenarios, thinking what my responses would be to their actions in various situations, trying to decide where the balance between my personal convenience and my freedoms lies. I also spent time thinking about various ways to circumvent this added security, how easy it would be for someone with bad intentions and a little bit of brain power to avoid getting caught. I briefly considered writing a story about this, thinking how interesting it would be to research the story.


Finished up Season 6 yesterday. And how Star Wars can you get with that season finale? I, of course, loved it. And I also liked that it wasn't a cliffhanger.


They have a security statement up on their site since yesterday:
As part of an effort to guard against terrorism, MBTA Police are developing a policy that would involve random checks of passengers' bags.
Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have warned that terrorists might strike trains and buses in major U.S. Cities using bombs concealed in bags or luggage.

Under this policy, customers may be asked to allow a police officer to conduct a quick inspection of his/her bag... similar to searches conducted at airports.

While it is the MBTA's goal to have the policy in place prior to the Democratic National Convention, it's important to note that MBTA Police are looking long-term at a program that strikes a proper balance between individual rights and the T's obligation to ensure its customers' safety.

The MBTA is strongly committed to providing a safe and secure transit environment for the more than one million riders who use the system everyday.
I'm scratching my head about the ellipsis in there. Does that mean something was omitted, or were they just using it in place of an em dash? Also, here's a column from the Globe which pulls some items from the ACLU of Massachusetts MASS Impact report.
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From an email about a screening I'm going to tomorrow:
You recently printed tickets for a private screening of The Chronicles of
Riddick. We want to remind you that the event is coming up this Thursday, June

We look forward to seeing you there. Please arrive early, as seating is limited
and will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

And don't forget to bring your tickets along with a photo I.D. for
verification. After all, it is a private screening.
I've never received an email like this. Of course, most of the screenings I've gone to were ones for which I picked up passes or ones from Landmark Theatres. The last sentence of this email just strikes me as funny. I guess it's the stab at exclusivity when these were tickets you could just print off of their Web site.
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Go me

I was trying to figure out what to do with the leftover coconut, and I decided on muffins. Made muffins with carrot, coconut, and ginger (both fresh and powdered). They look yummy, but I haven't had them yet. I also made pasta for dinner. Farfalle with grated carrot, Thai red curry paste, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and garlic and herb Chavrie (goat cheese). That's _really_ good.

And I did up the dishes before starting to eat, too. All I've got left to do are the muffin tins and the bowl and fork I'm eating my dinner with. Yay!

Plus, I got the table cleaned off. Once I get the muffins off of there, I can put the tablecloth back on, which will be nice. Then I'll just need to wash the counters and the stove, and the kitchen will be in very decent shape.

Now to finish my dinner and watch Top Gun. Can't wait for the thunderstorms.