June 3rd, 2004



On the way to the Harry Potter screening last night, I saw two "Vote for Pedro" T-shirts. I wonder if those were given out at one of the Napoleon Dynamite screenings. The screening I went to was giving out liger T-shirts.

The theater wasn't full. I mean, it was a big theater, but still. Possible reasons include the rain and the lightning strike on the B line. magid and I found seats off to the side, so there were a few setas next to us. Lucky thing, too, since we happened to see volta and missdimple come into the theater not long after us. Unexpected friends are a nice thing.

The movie was fun. The end credits were neat, too, and worth staying until the end for.


Got a nice little monkeywrench thrown into my current project at work today. It's not that big of a deal, but it adds another layer of complexity, which makes it that much more likely there will be screwups. It also just makes it more organizationally complex in my brain, which makes my brain work inefficently. Bah.

I'll be glad when the initial stages of his are done. No idea what I'll be working on next, though.

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I think if I had more itme at home, I wouldn't always feel like leaving work early. It's a tenuous connection, but I think it's there. Basically, I would get more stuff done at home, so that I would feel that I could spend my time at work doing work stuff and not have to worry about other stuff until I got home.

And having this dumb project isn't helping.

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I just got my graphic novels. A quick flip reveals that the art isn't really to my taste (they're both simpler than I like), but I'm excited about the stories. I think I'll start in on one of them tonight.