May 5th, 2004

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Anyone have an idea of how to do tournament scheduling for Boggle? I searched all over last year, but the only tournament info I found was for one-on-one matches. The Boggle tournament will be played with 3 or 4 people at a table, which makes it rather difficult. Last year, I ended up writing a program to generate lots of random tournaments and pick the one that minimized repeats (someone playing in a game with the same person more than once). Anyone have a better idea?

My roommate quit his job on Friday. He spent all weekend fishing, and he's taking this week off. I imagine this means he'll be home during the day, but maybe he'll spend more evenings with his girlfriend. I doubt he'll be employed by the time he moves out. It sounds like that might be June 1, but I still haven't heard a definite date from him. I'm hoping that he'll do the dishes today while I'm at work (I've done a lot of them recently).

Last night I did dishes, made dinner, and watched several (6?) episodes of Stargate. This morning, I finished Hyperion on the train (excellent book, and I'm definitely hunting down the sequels) and realized that I forgot to bring leftovers for lunch.

I'm taking pictures of hrafn and zzbottom tonight. The assignment for this week is to photograph a couple. I hope they can act sufficiently couplish. I think I might use the flash, since I should get some more practice with it, but we'll see. I don't intend to use it very much once I'm done with the class, so I guess now is the time to experiment with it.

I haven't been journaling much lately. I've been getting that completist feeling that I sometimes get about certain things. I have the feeling that I want to record absolutely everything about my life in my journal. Since I don't have the motivation to do that, I can't find the motivation to write about anything at all. It's weird. I get similar feelings when I think I should start a gift log. I can't write down everything, since there are many gifts I've received in the past, so I feel like I can't start a gift log at all. I know it's dumb, but there it is.

Queue Points

Here's what I've decided:

  • Any Queue Points earned through May 25th, 2004, will be eligible for redemption.
  • On or after May 26th, I will contact everyone who has earned Queue Points. I will negotiate, on an individual basis, something that seems fair for the number of Queue Points earned.
  • I will remove everyone's Queue Points on May 26th. I will continue to award Queue Points, but they will no longer have any extrinsic value.


It was a good burrito. And it was a nice walk. I very well may take the extra time to head down there the next time I don't bring lunch. I'm sure it was quite a bit healthier than what I would get at Wendy's, too.
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I usually just use iTunes to listen to music from my collection. It's only the part of my collection that I've bothered to put on my work machine, though, so it's not all that much. I've been listening to music at work quite a bit lately, and today I was not in the mood for anything I had on my machine. So I decided to use iTunes to find some radio stations, something I almost never do. After fumbling around for a while, I found Radio.Wazee. I wrote down some of the names of bands when songs came on that I liked. Here's what I wrote down:

  • Man or Astro Man?
  • Dandy Warhols
  • Lionrock
  • Postal Service
  • Red Five

Radio.Wazee has music you can download, stuff from small independent bands looking for some exposure. They play a mix of standard stuff (I heard both Moby and Courtney Love) and some of their top-rated downloads. Kind of neat.


That O'Reilly job is open again. Very tempting. But I actually like where I am. But I think I would really like the O'Reilly job. But I would feel bad leaving my current company. But the O'Reilly job is a chance to move into a non-textbook area of publishing.

Hmm. I think I'm a much stronger candidate now. We'll see how I feel about it in a few days. Thoughts on this matter are welcome.