April 28th, 2004



Bad dreams last night. Of the I'm-not-able-to-attract-a-mate variety. Worse, one of them started out good, with lots of heavy flirting, and then the objet de flirt basically told me that it was ridiculous, that we would never get together, and I was left embarrassed at having thought I had a chance.

But at least I got to dream in my own bed. And without the roommate home. I didn't really have much time at home, though. And I won't really have substantial alone time at home until, hmm, probably Saturday. Gurg. I guess I should try to send out the Boggle invite tonight. The hardest part will be gathering all of the addresses. Sometimes it would be convenient to be more organized.

Maybe next week I should stay home except for my regularly scheduled activities (gaming and class). Get things a bit organized, maybe think about doing something creative and/or productive.