April 2nd, 2004

worm food

House thing

Last night, I heard noises that sounded like they were coming from the floor above, except there is no floor above. In the bathroom this morning, I looked out the window and noticed some piece of the hosue (looks like it's probably a piece of siding) flopping around. Blergh. I suppose I should take a look at it. Unfortunately, it's on the donwhill side of the house, so I'm going to need a ladder to get to it. Um, I don't think I have a ladder.

Living on a hill is mostly a good thing right now, though.


Shopgirl by Steve Martin is just wonderful. I love love love it, and it's just a perfect fit for me right now for some reason. magid was exactly right in thinking that I would like this book.

Ooh, and Amazon says he has another novel that came out in October.

House falling apart

So I looked outside this morning, and it is indeed a piece of siding that is all bent and flopping around. Does anyone have suggestions for someone to call about this? A roofer? A general contractor? A siding person (I suppose there must be siding people)?