March 15th, 2004


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My uncle talking about my oldest cousin (he's 18 or 19):
Last Saturday he got a call from his reserve unit with Notice of Intent to Activate. Looks like a June 1 date to head to Pendeleton for 2 months of orientation with an active duty unit, then the Suni Triangle for 10-12 months. Wish he wasn't such a good marksman, though. He qualified saw-gunner last month with puts him at point for the unit with a large caliber automatic tripod-mounted machine gun - the belt of ammo feeds from the side.

Status report

I've now emptied off the left side of the computer desk. This is a rather monumental accomplishment, as some reading this might realize. I have two piles of paper on the floor, one to file and one to recycle.

The right side of the computer desk will be a bit easier, but there are going to be some things there I don't know what to do with. Like my copy of Heroes of Might and Magic IV, which never worked and which I never took back to the store. The receipt is probably too faded now to read, if I still even have it. I've asked this before, but if anyone has a copy of Heroes IV for the PC that I could borrow, I'd love to do so. Maybe next year I'll be able to get a Mac, and then I can borrow mattlistener's copy, if it's still available for borrowing at that point. Or I suppose it's likely to be available for not very much money somewhere.

I also have some photo paper to use. I have a package of 15 8.5-by-11 sheets and a package of 5 4-by-6 sheets. I'll have to go through my digital pictures and pick out my favorites. I already sorted through most of the film pictures I've taken this year and picked out ones I might want to put in a portfolio, so I'll want to do that for my digital pictures, as well. Not exactly sure what I'd do with a portfolio at this point, but the process of creating one sounds fun.

I appear to be missing a small black Icehouse pyramid. I also appear to have an extra medium clear Icehouse pyramid. If anyone has use for either piece of information, let me know (although I haven't given up hope that I'll find the black pyramid somewhere in my house).
worm food


Found under a pile of crap on the right side of the computer desk, in hrafn's handwriting:
I use this space every weekday morning to set my breakfast on. Please don't clutter it. Thanks.

Underneath, in my handwriting:
Wooba wooba.


Well, the CD is not defective. I successful in installing the game on majes's computer. I have no idea why it won't work on mine, but whatever. I'm happy to go over there to play it. So, yay.

Stupid snow might interfere with plans for tomorrow. We shall see.