March 8th, 2004



Just got this from the IT people at work. Anyone know anything about it?
We believe that Google has been hacked this morning, and would advise people not to use the directory for any internet searches.

Feel free to use alternatives such as:

Please do not link to these sites via Google (as it currently has links to them up on the home page), nor access Google in any other way.

Also, please ignore any messages it may give telling you have you a virus, and ignore any instructions it may ask you to follow to remedy this.


Google seems to be back up and running.

Feel free to begin using it again, and ensure the site's virtual monopoly on internet search.

Please let us know if you have any questions,


So I asked my supervisor, and she had no problems with me taking vacation next week. So I sent an email to the boss person. I haven't heard back yet, but there's no reason she'd say no. So, it looks pretty definite that I'll be taking all of next week off.

Google thing at work

Reading the message board at work, I discover that it was apparently the QHosts virus, which I'd seen before on majes's kids' computer. The person posting about it said "maybe Google was hacked," and apparently that's what our IT people saw and decided that Google had been hacked.

I mean, really.