February 25th, 2004



Penultimate class last night. Our assignment for the final class is to photograph one thing and try to tell a story about it. So, if we choose a diner, take pictures of the customers, the employees, maybe the furniture. If we choose a person, take pictures of their hand, their eye, etc. Or maybe choose a color and find different pictures with that color in it.

I've decided to do the John Hancock Tower, right by my work. I pass it every morning in my walk from Back Bay. I finally got the shot that I've been thinking about for a while, with the reflection of the church in Copley (I forget what it's called. Maybe the Trinity Church?) in the John Hancock Tower, with part of the non-reflected church in the shot. I had my long zoom lens out, so I took it at 80 mm. I think I want to try the same shot at 50 mm. I also want to get a shot looking straight up at it with the 35-mm lens. And some shots from Copley Square with some interesting foreground objects.

I would like to get a picture from somewhere above the ground, but I don't think I can see it from my building (500 Boylston is in the way). I could probably get a shot from inside the library.

It'll be easy to fill up a roll. I'll probably do it today and tomorrow. Maybe I can drop the film off at South End Photo Lab Thursday after work and pick it up on Friday.

I think I'm gong to spend some time trying to find the tripod bit I need before my next class starts (March 23). If I can't find it by then, I guess I'll just shell out the money for a new tripod.


I can see the John Hancock Tower from one corner of my bulding. So I snapped a couple of pictures with the 50-mm lens. I think I'm about ready to head out. Going to put on the 35-mm lens and get some more pics of the building.

I have done almost exactly (but not quite) no work since about 12:30 today. Waiting for people on three different projects. Two of them should move forward tomorrow. We'll see, though.


At some point, I forgot that my lens was 55 mm and thought it was 50 mm. I just looked at the lens and realized that. Oops.


Took some shots with the 35-mm lens near the John Hancock Tower. At Sullivan, I went and got some shots of the building from the other side of the river with the long lens. The light was fading, so there were some long exposure times. I hope the pictures come out okay.

So I'll definitely be able to drop the film off tomorrow. Whee!

On a health note, I was feeling kind of crappy earlier today, sneezing and coughing. That's mostly gone now, although there's still some general nose irritation. An early night tonight will be good.