February 19th, 2004


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So, I went to Hunt's. It turns out that my tripod is a Ritz brand (Quantaray), so I'll have to go to Ritz to get the piece. Which is fine, since there's a Ritz right by my work. I did manage to pick up a cable release.

Then I went to Stop & Shop and got some soy milk and bananas.

Then I cam home and made dinner, vermicelli with lime juice, Thai red curry paste, soy sauce, and ginger. And there's plenty for lunch today. I checked email and LJ, then took a bath, watched some Simpsons, talked on the phone a little, and had the lights off around 7.

Asleep soon after. I woke up a few times during the night, but I didn't get up until just before 6. Feeling okay. My neck is mostly better, but I can tell that I'll need to be careful with it today. Otherwise, I guess I'm feeling okay. Maybe a little congestion, but that might just be the usual morning congestion. So, either I was imagining things yesterday, or it was just a one-day kind of thing.

I had brief thoughts of staying home today, but I would just feel lazy if I did. Going to my sister's after work for her husband's birthday. Tacos for dinner. Yum. And I think I might take some pictures, too.
orange dream

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This story is pretty interesting, especially since I just finished reading Expiration Date.

(For those who haven't read the book, some ghosts take on enough of a physical form to have bodies and shamble around. They eat gravel and things like that.)


I love getting mail about my various Web endeavors. Just got another email about Jotto.

(This reminds me that I haven't gotten an email in a while requesting the friends-only script.)

Spc. Anderson

From a CNN article:
The charge sheet said Anderson . . . communicated with U.S. military personnel posing as members of al Qaeda.
. . .
The Uniform Military Code states that anyone convicted of aiding an enemy could face a death sentence.

If I'm reading this correctly, he never actually gave any information to al Qaeda, just to military personnel. So wouldn't this just be attempted treason? Does attempted treason carry the same penalty as treason?

Ah, here we go. The relevant bit from the Uniform Code of Military Justice (not the "Uniform Military Code" as in the article):

Any person who--

(1) aids, or attempts to aid, the enemy with arms, ammunition, supplies, money, or other things; or

(2) without proper authority, knowingly harbors or [protects or gives intelligence to or communicates or corresponds with or holds any intercourse with the enemy, either directly or indirectly;

shall suffer death or such other punishment as a court-martial or military commission may direct.

So, I guess the question is answered. If the article were written better, I wouldn't have had to go look up the information. Well, and if I actually had work to do.


Okay, I finished my work. It probably only would have taken half an hour if I had just worked straight through on it. Now I have nothing to do. I had a voice mail waiting for me this morning saying my supervisor is on vacation today and tomorrow, and I can't do anything else without her input. I did have another assignment I was going to do for the tech guy, but it turns out that the person who gave it to him didn't give him enough information, and, really, they (Evanston) should be doing this instead of us. So he kicked it back to them.

And I have nothing to do. Which likely explains why this is my eighth post of the day.