February 18th, 2004

pink vader


I brought two sandiwches today. They're already gone, and I'm hungry for more. Luckily, I passed by the main conference room on this floor and saw a meeting going on with catered lunch. Some day, I'd like to be in meetings with catered lunches. For now, I'll settle for scrounging leftovers. I'll have to remember to check periodically, since leftovers go quickly around here.

This likely means I won't have to buy food today, which is good. Well, I may buy food at the store, if I feel like stopping in after visiting Hunt's. But I need soy milk, and it's a pain in the ass to carry from the bus to my house since it's so heavy. We'll see what I end up feeling like after work.

Since I got in at 7:30, "after work" could be 2:30. That means I could get errands done and still be home around normal time. That would be nice.

Electronically Yours

Got this in email yesterday. Could be interesting. And it's free. Anyone interested in going?
Hello Friends,

Long time no e...

It has been almost two years since my multi media show "Electronically
Yours" filled your brains with digital dreams and cyber fantasies. I am
proud to say that the cabaret of digital design has been reloaded and
redesigned and will be screening in March. Details are below.

If you missed the show, then come and see the video! The new E Show
includes more video and sound design for your digital pleasure, a clever
video performance by Evan O'Television, beautiful sound landscapes by
Miria, an innovative music video by Paul Ceriello, inventive movement by
Karen Webb, mind twisting digital images by Lou Susi, thought provoking
animation by Laurie Pinkham, and cyber-vaudeville skits from The Dirty
Diaries of Daevian.

< / Don't miss this techno titillation screening of :

<<< ::: ELECTRONICALLY YOURS [a cabaret of digital design] ::: >>>

Mass Ave & Prospect St in Central Square
(Entrance on Prospect St, 617.661.6900)

6:30 pm FREE

Yours in Ones and Zeros,

David Wengertsman
sideways naked


I don't feel all that well. A bit of a fever, maybe. And a bit of what might be sinus pressure, although it could just be my normal neck/back stuff reaching up to interesting places. And my neck hurts.

Since I went through the trouble of bringing the tripod in, I'll go ahead and go to Hunt's today. But I think straight home after that. Bath and rest for a while, probably put in Coupling. I should probably do other things to help my body fight this off, if it actually is something. But I probably won't, mostly because I can't right now think of anything that might be good. And because I'm lazy.

Taking off nowish, I think.