January 27th, 2004



I wanted some music to listen to the other day, and, since I recently had a new OS version installed on my machine, I didn't have any of my own music on my hard drive. So I went to the office musicologist and asked to borrow some music. She did not disappoint.

Cake, Fashion Nugget - Excellent. I hadn't realized that "The Distance" was by Cake, having only heard it on the radio. I love love love many songs on this CD.

The Detroit Cobras, Love, Life, and Leaving - Cool. Sort of classic rock meets punk. Good songs on here.

The Chills, Submarine Bells - Poppy New Zealand band. Neato. The kind of light poppy catchy stuff that I like.

Tori Amos, Little Earthquakes - I thought I hadn't listened to much Tori Amos. Then just about every song on this album sounded familiar. If I'm not mistaken, lyadann had this on tape, and I remember listening to it with her when we were dating, which was, wow, coming up on 5 years ago?