January 9th, 2004


Tim Powers

I haven't read any Tim Powers, and I think I'd like to do so before Arisia. If I'm only going to read, say, two of his books before the con, anyone have recommendations on which ones to read? And, if I'm not able to find them at the library, does anyone have a copy they'd be willing to lend me?


Well, not really. I came downstairs to do some research. I had a vague idea in my mind of getting info on what all is out there, especially what is out there that doesn't pay. I ended up reading half of a story on SciFiction and coming up with this page (mostly gathered from Write-Hemisphere). It's a start, anyway.

I've been noodling over the idea of naming the webzine Fantasia, in honor of the now-defunct Compendium. But I dunno. Still more noodling to do.

And I've given some thought to paying a token amount for stories, just to have it be a paying market instead of a non-paying one. Dunno if that means I'd have to do contracts and all that (dunno if I'd have to do contracts and all that for non-paying, either, for that matter). More thought and research on that one.

Okay, time to go watch Simpsons. And then maybe I'll start on Last Call. I finished the BattleTech trilogy today. Neato. I need to dig up some more BattleTech books. And I want to play some BattleTech or other miniatures combat. Getting in that kind of tactical exercise would be good.