December 3rd, 2003


Shogun this Sunday?

Since mattlistener can play this Sunday, maybe we could get a game going? Since the 2-player game is significantly different from the 3- to 5-player game, I'd like to try to get at least 3 people, preferably more.

So, anyone else interested in Shogun this Sunday? Noon at my place, unless someone else has T/bus-accessible space to offer. Please let me know if you're available, so I can decide whether to have it or not. I'd like to set aside 6 hours for the game, which would include time for some initial slowness because it's the first time people will have played.

However, again, I'd like to as that you be able to read the rules before playing (and if you don't have the attention for all of the rules, at least read the section on combat).

Night and morning

So I put away dishes, made dinner (scrambled eggs and toast), read some Storygame Initiative stuff (more on that later, and I need to send out an email), checked out Homestar Runner (warning: sound) ("It's dot com!"), took a bath, wrote a little, finished The Murder Book, watched 2 Stargate episodes, turned out the lights a little before midnight, couldn't sleep right away so read Foxtrot for a while before getting to sleep.

I managed to get up before 8, ran down to the post office to buy stamps, caught the bus and was in to work at 9:15, a significant improvement over yesterday. The plan for tonight is lights out by 11.

Typo that made me giggle

"A teacher wants to display test scores in such a way that she can easily divide the scores into goups of approximately equal size."

It certainly wouldn't do to have goups of significantly different sizes.