December 2nd, 2003


Jesse's dad

Got up and went into the bathroom.

"Heh, that kind of looks like snow on the neighbors' roof. I wonder what it is."

"Umm, wait, it really does look like snow."

Slowly moved towards the window. Looked out. Snow on the ground.


Oh well. At least it's not much, and it's mostly not even visible downtown. It was enough to cause some serious traffic problems, though. So I didn't end up getting to work until 11:15. Okay, part of that was because I didn't leave the house until 10:15, but that's pretty good considering I didn't go to sleep until 3:00. No Stargate for me, though. Stargate wouldn't have kept me up that late. I took my bath, then I wrote some (two pages in my notebook, not sure where the story is going, but it feels good to have actually written something), so I rewarded myself with a book. I had started The Murder Book on the commute home yesterday. By 3:00 I was on page 356. Jonathan Kellerman has an amazing ability to make me want to continue reading. And I really think this is his best book yet. He's doing some different things with it. The most noticeable is that sometimes he switces to third-person view from Milo's perspective. I think there was at leats one other book where he did brief bits from the killer's viewpoint, but thisis the first time Milo has figured as a viewpoint character. It makes sense for the story of this particular book, but I really hope it's something that continues. Got this book from my sister, who was getting rid of books when she moved. I think that means the only book I'm missing is his most current one. It came out in May, so it's likely not in paperback yet.

So I'll be here at work until 6:15. Could be worse. Not like I have anything to do at home really. I'll probably make dinner, do up the rest of the dishes, put my laundry away, write some, then finish the book.


A neat interview of Orson Scott Card. In it I learned that the 7th and final Alvin book will be called Master Alvin (the 6th book, The Crystal City, just came out). Other interesting stuff about other books of his, too.

One question and answer struck me as worth noting:

What's your writing regimen?

Card: When my wife tells me we're about out of money, I finish something. Otherwise, I avoid writing the way any sensible person avoids work when nobody's making you do it.


So, I want to try to get together another game of Shogun relatively soon, before I forget how to play. In order to have a large enough block of time, a Sunday starting at noon seems to be good. How does Sunday, January 4th, at noon look? Is there anyone that knows now that they can make it then? For those interested in playing but unable to make it then, does a Saturday work better? Or maybe an earlier Sunday? Though I have the impression that pre-holiday weekends are getting a bit full.