November 22nd, 2003



Got home from helping my sister move not all that long ago. Did two loads with a pickup, then ate and watched some football on TV and slept, then I got a ride home. Now I'm home later than I thought I would be, so everyone is already out doing their Saturday night stuff. And, especially with the nap I had, I actually feel like being social and doing something. Bah. Guess I'll just watch Buffy. Or read. I started Interview with the Vampire last night, and I'm enjoying it. I picked up a copy at some point and hadn't read it yet. It was published in the year I was born.

Can't wait to start experimenting with a "real" camera.



Just watched Hush and the episode after it. It is not, as I had heard, a stand-alone episode. It advances other story lines, so you definitely can't just skip Hush and continue on with other episodes. Glad I didn't listen to that advice. Anyway, awesome episode, and the ending was perfect. The one after it was decent, as well, mostly for the interesting developments of the [censored]/Buffy story line (oh, and the Spike bit is cool, too).

I think I might watch some more. Came down here to check email, and my roommate was eating pasta with sauce, and the sauce smells really good. Not terribly hungry, since I've been finishing off the brownies I made last night. But I should probably eat something else at some point tonight.