November 7th, 2003



Gone from the house just about exactly 42 hours. Highlights: Statue of Liberty, concert (although my neck hurt during most of it), Rockefeller Center, and two hot dogs. Umm, I'm sure there's lots more, but I just caught up on 42 hours of email and LJ, and now it's time for bed. But I'm hungry. Hmm.

Paying for the clear skies with cold

Lows in the mid 20s Satuday night. Yowser! But that means it will be clear for the eclipse. Any suggestions for a place to go stare at the moon? I want to try to get some pictures. If all else fails (or if I'm just feeling too lazy), I might just go to the park at the bottom of my street. Or even just out on the street in front of my house if I can see the moon from there. I wouldn't be averse to a planned outing, though.

Gotta gets me more userpics, since I now have 50 slots available.

Revere Beach Eclipse Viewing

I'm planning on viewing the eclipse tomorrow night from Revere Beach. It should be a perfect viewing opportunity (if a bit cold). I'm grabbing my sleeping bag and my camera and planning on getting there before totality, probably sometime around 7:30 (totality begins at 8:06). If you're interested in joining me, let me know.