November 4th, 2003



I don't normally buy planner/calendar things, so I'm not sure where to get one. I tried the Walgreens by my house with no luck. Any suggestions? What I'm looking for is just a month-at-a-glance claendar with enough room to write stuff in every day. I found one in my desk when I started working here, a little 8.5x11 book thing with a year's worth of pages, a month on each 2-page spread. Something exactly like that would be ideal, but I really just need something, since I am running calendarless, which means I'm likely to forget scheduled stuff.

Suggestions that are walkable from my work (Copley Square) would be most welcome. But just the name/type of store would be helpful (Staples? Stationery stores? Stop & Shop?)

Goin' to California

Err, well, New York. To see Hammaer of the Gods, a Led Zeppelin tribute band. And since the concert is at 8, it's turned into a two-day vacation. Leaving at 7 tomorrow morning on the Chinatown bus. Leaving at 6 Thursday evening on the Chinatown bus to come back. At least I get to sleep in Thursday morning.

So, no email or LJ for me for a couple of days.