September 24th, 2003


I am become death, destroyer of writers

So I think I just made it so that our department won't use a particular writer any more. Besides making the same dumb mistakes all outside writers make, this one made some particularly bad math mistakes and a lot of just plain dumb wordings and such. So, I went and told my supervisor that we shouldn't use this writer any more. She said to send her an email, and she'd make sure to pass it around to all of the supervisors here, so it looks like I won't have to put up with this particular brand of crap any more.

It feels good to know that I can point at something bad, someone who shouldn't be doing what they're doing, and they will stop doing what they're doing (at least stop doing it in my direction).


Wow, have I really been at work for five and a half hours already? Cool. Less than an hour until my meeting, and then I'm leaving immediately after that. Whee! I guess doing the prep stuff for my meeting took up some time, so that's cool. I'm not particularly looking forward to the meeting, but it beats working.