September 5th, 2003


More Agatha Christie

Finished Curtain last night, then started Hallowe'en Party. I really enjoyed Curtain, with such a shocking ending. And I like the device of using the assistant who is not clued in to what the detective knows. And the explanation coming later, so that the assistant doesn't know the final solution at all while writing about it.

Hallowe'en Party has an interesting premise, too. Some girl might have sene a murder years ago, but only recently realized that it was such. She said something about it, and then wound up dead an hour later. Still just at the beginning of this book, but I imagine I'll be done with it tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment. Well, an appointment to get my teeth cleaned, anyway. Really, if I went 10 years between visits last time, do I need to go after 6 months? I probably wouldn't, except that it's free and that I enjoy having my teeth scraped. I don't know if it will be as satisfying this time, though, with only 6 months' worth of stuff to be scraped off instead of 10 years' worth.

This could be fun

It's a freelance copyediting job for computer books. They say they want someone with technical editing experience, "especially working with mathematics, source code, etc." So, I think I could do it. Well, I know I could do it, but I think they might also think I could do it.

The one thing is that they ask for "requested per book-page price" to be submitted with the resume. Umm, I have no idea. Anyone?

Playing with a song idea

I apologized in my dream,
so why are you still being a bitch?
We made up, then I woke up
feeling good.
So why should I put up
with your whining at me?
I said I was sorry,
we hugged and we kissed,
so why are you still being a bitch?

Like I said, just an idea. I don't think I like how it scans, but it might work with the right music. Maybe something to come back to later and play with some more. Or maybe some story fodder. Someone who has a very hard time separating dreams from reality. Or just has such realistic dreams that he's always thinking those things happened in real life.