August 29th, 2003


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My brain told me to stay home from work today. It's hard to ignore my brain when it tells me things like that. There's no particular reason to stay home, but I think I just need a wee break. I'll try to do some productive stuff today.

LJ Dreams

Scanning LJ this morning, I remember that I had several LJ-related dreams last night. There's someone who had friended me for no reason I could tell, someone I didn't know, who lives in another country, etc. She never commented in my journal. I added her back, and had made a few comments in her journal. Yesterday she unfriended me, so I unfriended her back, since all of her posts lately have been friends only, so I wouldn't be able to see any anymore. So, all of that really happened. In my dream, I met her, was visiting her, I guess. She was upset that I had unfriended her, and it turned out that I had been mistaken that she had unfriended me. At some point we started making out or something.

In another dream, I saw that someone's poll had even more votes than before. And, of course, the choice I had selected in the poll was winning (as it is in real life).

Remember, when you ask for advice in an LJ poll, you are doomed if you do not follow that advice.
sideways naked

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Been napping since about noon. Mmm, afternoon naps. Perfect temperature, perfect light level, and perfect breeze in the tree outside my window.

Somewhat productive today, too. I did dishes and proofread another chapter for the NESFA Tim Powers book. I was thinking about writing, and even started, but then stopped. I need to think more about what I want to write. The major thing, I think, is I have to think about something to write that will hold my interest for more than one or two writing sessions, which seems to be a real problem for me. Or, I suppose I could stick to shorter stuff. Still, I would like to be able to write longer stuff. Maybe the key is to do a lot of pre-writing thinking about it, build up something really interesting in my head, possibly take some notes on it. When I have a pretty good idea of what's going on, then write about it. We'll see.

[I need a userpic that captures the ideal of the afternoon nap for me. Anyone have any suggestions?)