August 27th, 2003



Got home midnight. Got sleep one. Woke up 6:30. Slept another hour. Still not enough sleep.

At least I don't have to carry my backpack to work. I left it there since (I thought) I couldn't bring it to the game. I found out on the way about new supposed rules. You can bring a bigger bag, like a backpack, as long as it will fit under your seat. If you do, though, you have to enter through gate B. And you are also allowed now to bring in a plastic water bottle, and there are drinking fountains to refill said water bottles. I haven't confirmed any of this, but, if it's true, it'll make going to Fenway a lot more pleasant experience.

Not that I'll be going to Fenway any time soon. They lost last night, so I don't get to go to any more games.

It was a pretty exciting game. We were down 7-1 and then scored 5 runs in the 4th. Then we tied it up, then got hammered again. Got to see Millar hit an in-the-park home run, though, which was pretty cool. 12-9. My first Red Sox game was a loss to Toronto, too, I believe.

Answering machin

I just saw that there were two messages on my answering machine this morning. I guess I forgot to check it last night.

The first one was about 5 seconds of silence.

The second one was. "Hi Kevin, this is Grandma. I can't reach either you or Kelly. We're in New York. See you tomorrow."


Huh? My grandparents in Indiana are coming out to Boston for the first time, and I hear about it the day before? I call my dad, who says that he gave them my number Friday. They likely tried calling but didn't want to leave a message. My grandmother sounded really uncomfortable with the answering machine when she left the message, so it makes sense. Anyway, she has supposedly spoken to my sister, so I'll give my sister a call when I get to work. And then I'll call my grandparents (I'm still amazed that they have a cell phone). So, this likely means no Mars for me anyway, even if I weren't too tired.


So my sister called just as I was about to call her. She knew about this last week some time, told them this week wasn't good for her, told them to call me. She's at an "out-of-town meeting" today, so can't see them (she and her husband are going to her company's box at the Red Sox game), and she's babysitting tomorrow, so she'll be able to see them for lunch on Friday. So, of course, that puts most of the burden on me. And, yes, it is a burden. I've never been close to them. So, anyway, I call. They'll likely get into town around 6 or 7 or so tonight. I found them a reasonably priced hotel (Econolodge) near me, so they might end up staying there. No idea what they expect me to do with them. According to my sister, they're here until Friday. Dunno if that means they're leaving Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

So, I'll work, I'll go home, I'll wait for them to call when they get into town. I hope I'm not expected to either entertain them the whole time or find things for them to do. Especially on no notice. Feh.


Started The Penultimate Truth by Philip K. Dick last night. The cover calls it "His classic vision of post-nuclear society." Interesting so far, but I can definitely tell that it's old (1964). Basic scenario is that a US-Soviet war started on Mars, so people had time to hide underground before the fighting started on Earth. Most of the population has lived underground for 15 years now (the year is 2025), but the war has been over for a while, and they are fed fake war images to keep them underground by the few people who are above ground. They tell themselves they have altruistic motives (keep them underground and they won't start civilazation again, won't start fighting again, won't nuke the Earth again), but it mostly seems they just want to enjoy the good life.

About a fourth of the way through it.
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Tired and in a weird mood. Don't feel like working, and it doesn't help that the work I'm doing is just kind of dumb. Not difficult at all, but not the kind of stuff I want to be doing. Some nice proofreading would be good about now. Hell, I could just whip out my NESFA proofreading and do that. Tempting, actually. But no, I wouldn't actually do that, I think. I would just sit around looking at LiveJournal and such. But that gets old quickly. So I guess I'll do this thing, slowly. Have a 3-hour videoconference meeting tomorrow, and I'm really not looking forward to it.

And I really don't want to deal with my grandparents. I really just want to go home and nap. Despite still being very much in the time hole, I think I might head home early and take a nap. Like, finish this up and then go home. And then sleep for 15 hours and then go to work.