August 23rd, 2003

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A whole morning in front of me, and I'm not motivated to do anything. Maybe I'll do some dishes later. Sometimes that gets me to feeling accomplished enough to want to feel accomplished more, so I end up doing other stuff. Not too many dishes to do, though, so, eh. Housemate is up and about. He's going to a wedding today in Rhode Island, but I have no idea when. I imagine I'll leave before he does, since I have to be at the NESFA club house around 1 to pick up some proofreading. Then browsing the Harvard furniture sale. Then going to a literary party. Fun stuff, but nothing I'd call productive.

EZPass sent me something yesterday saying that my credit card issuer failed to approve a toll replenishment payment. It's hooked in to the debit card, and it's only a $25 charge, so I have no idea why it would have refused it. They give me a form to change cards. Of course, since hrafn is getting rid of the car (or at least trying to), there's really no need to keep the EZPass. Oh, that reminds me that I was going to look and see what to do about returning it and getting the money back. There we go, something productive to do this morning.

Update: I think I've figured it out. This is the first time it's tried to replenish since getting new cards (same number but new expiration date). And there's no way for me to change my expiration date on the Web site. Or, there is, but it tells me I can't because I'm not a credit card customer. And in order to cancel, I have to either drop my tag off at an EZ-Pass Customer Service Center or send it in via certified mail. Ugh. Well, I may be going to New York in the fall, so I suppose I could hunt down where EZ-Pass Customer Service Centers are. Of course, if I'm taking the train/bus rather than driving, that might prove difficult.

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Well, Wancatan has giving me something to suck time into when I'm not feeling productive. I think I'll limit myself to only one game per day, though. Need to eat. Start laundry. Do dishes. That'll feel a bit productive.

Housemate left around 8 or so, and he'll be gone all day. So, at least I have another couple hours at home alone before I take off for the day.

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Spending the rest of the day meditating and writing actually sounds appealing to me. But I've got Stuff To Do.

I got accused of having an uncomplicated life. Hah!