August 15th, 2003


Must sleep

I stayed up way too late reading Heretics of Dune last night. I started it a little after 9 or so, and I read until after midnight some time, getting through something like a third of the book. I forgot to bring the lunch I had ready for me, but I did manage to go to Wendy's, which I haven't done in quite a while. That's how I know this feeling like I'm about to fall over (literally) isn't from lack of food but rather lack of sleep. I need to get this one last thing done, though, and then I'll leave.
worm food

Time to go

Okay, I just did almost actually fall over, being saved only by my cubicle wall. Definitely time to head home. And get to bed early tonight, damnit. I'm pleased with the work I got done on the basement last night. Left to do: get keys made, finish up basement, wash bathroom and kitchen floors, clean out fridge, straighten out the insides of the kitchen cabinets. And I have until at least noon tomorrow to do all of this. If I don't get to the kitchen cabinets or the kitchen floor, I won't be too worried.

And, last I heard, he said he was going to "start moving in" on Saturday, so i assume that he won't be doing a full move-in yet or something. We'll see.

Oh, and

One last thing before I forget (uh oh, starting to see colored spots. No, I'm not shitting you). I talked to my boss today and I found out that it sounds like I'm going to be on the editorial board for the intermediary stuff, which is the one I was interested in. I am very likely not going to be doing the other, crappy-sounding stuff. Yay!
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I was in a weird place when I got home. I was really tired, but my mind craved stimulation and didn't want to sleep. I watched some TV, read some. Took a bath. finally went to sleep during the first Simpsons (6:30-7). Drifted in and out, finally getting up at 8. I don't feel like reading some more, and there's nothing on TV. It's a bit too hot now to try to go right to sleep. And it's not like I have anyone to call to entertain me for an hour or so until I want to go to sleep. I guess I might rummage through my movies or something and put something on. Or maybe a South Park episode or something. Hmm, maybe a bowl of cereal, too.