July 25th, 2003


Summer Party

Just got an email about the company's summer party. It's a lunch cruise around Boston Harbor. Wow. We board at 11 on August 21, then cruise around the harbor from 12-2. I wonder if they expect us back to work after that. Probably not.

I didn't go running this morning, but I did get laundry done, so that felt pretty good. We'll see if I can muster the motivation to do the dishes tonight. Then running early tomorrow morning. Then a full social schedule for the rest of the weekend. Ultima, pool party, moving, and Macbeth. Hmm, that reminds me that I need to figure out a dish to bring to Macbeth. And I also need to make orange Bavarian tonight.

I've got a bunch of work to do today. Luckily, there are actually some smaller bits that I can complete before getting on to the larger task, so that should make me feel at least somewhat accomplished. Let's see if I can get those bits done by 11.

I guess this counts as finished by 11

Well, mostly. finished the first thing, then realized, when talking to someone, that the second thing didn't in fact need to be done, so that's that. Of course, there is a second bit of the second thing that I still need to do, another short thing, so that's nice. Then the slightly longer stuff. At first glance, though, the slightly longer stuff is in much better shape than the stuff I was doing last week (same thing, different grade level, written by a different freelancer), so I might actually get done with it by Tuesday. And that would be everything that is supposed ot be done by August 8th. I'm notoriously bad at prediciting how long things will take, though, so we'll see.

Just another work post, nothing to see, move along

Turned out to have to do more on the little bits than I thought. But I finally finished all of those bits up, and I feel a bit better about how it got done and such. I had to do several different releases of several different things, probably causing the production people to think I'm an idiot. And I am an idiot when it comes to organizing things, so I guess that's okay. Now i have to decide if I want to stick around for another hour and work on stuff, or if I want to tack an hour onto next week. Of course, it's not like I'm going home, since I have to meet hrafn in Kendall Square at 5:30. Once this divorce stuff gets taken care of, I shouldn't have to get anything notarized for a while. Or, if I do, it won't have to be with another person, just with me. Here's hoping the rest of the divorce stuff is easy.

More escape

Lawrence of Arabia has really nice music. And an overture. You don't see movies today with overtures. Of course, I was still thinking during the overture. Escape was better during the movie itself (although not absolute). Watched the first half of the movie, and now I should go to bed. Don't really feel like it, though. Fuckity fuckity, listen to me whine. If you don't like me whining, probably best to tune out for a while.