July 15th, 2003



I was working with Debby and Carolyn, and Judith was the boss. Debby and Carolyn were working with one other person on a project, but that other person left. So they brought me onto the project. They asked Judith if I could be given a permanent position there. I could tell that Judith didn't want to do it. After some discussion, she said I could work on the project, but I couldn't be given a permanent position. And there was someone else there, too, who it looked like might do some of the work as well, someone she liked better than she liked me, who was also not a permanent employee.

It wasn't a stressful dream, but it's weird that I'm having work dreams, especially about my old workplace.

Town hall meeting in 20 minutes. Should be boring, but at least it's only scheduled for an hour. Then I have some work to do, which I will likely finish up before I have my meeting this afternoon. I can probably get some more work, then, and also spend a little time preparing for the meeting. After the meeting, I'll probably clean my office until it's time to go home. My meeting will actually take me to the end of the time I need to be here today (I got in at 8), so I'll just stay as long as I can stand it, since I have some time to make up.

Dune 5

Does anyone have a copy of Heretics of Dune that I can borrow? I think I'll be finishing God Emperor of Dune tomorrow.

Tired. Stayed up late reading.

Free food

There's the usual manager-meeting leftovers of sandwich fixings (meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bread, fancy condiments), pasta salad, and fruit. In addition, there are little containers (maybe 3/4 of a pint?) of Legal Sea Foods clam chowder. I've never heard of that being at a meeting before. Really, I need to be informed of these things a day in advance, so I know not to bring food.