July 11th, 2003


Twelfth on the tenth

Went and saw Twelfth Night at the Publick Theatre with a group of people last night. Potluck beforeheand where, for me, the highlight was a shrimp and avocado salad. Shrimp, cut up avocado, cilantro, lemon juice, and I think one or two other ingredients. Really good, definitely something I want to try making.

The play was really good. I was thinking about it, and this summer I am going to see 3 out of the 4 Shakespeare plays that I have been in. Midsummer and Twelfth Night at the Publick Theatre and Macbeth on the Common. Maybe I should try hunting down Taming of the Shrew to make a complete set.

I didn't have my season pass with me (it was in my backpack, which I left at work on Wednesday not knowing if I could bring it to the concert with me, and then it remained at work while I was out sick yesterday), but they just looked it up on a list and let me in, which was very cool.

I got to bed at a reasonable hour last night, no reading, no playing Warlords. I'm looking forward to getting to bed early this weekend. Yes, I'm a party animal.

Cuborg Upgrade

There are some empty cubes on the other side of the floor where most of the math people are. It looks like I'm going to be moving over there sometime in the next couple of weeks. They're trying to get all of the math people in the same place. The cubes are bigger, so I guess they do it in order of seniority, so there are two people moving who have been here longer than I have, so they'll pick cubes first, then I'll pick one.

I actually kind of like being out here away from everyone I work with, but having a bit more space will be nice. Of course, this means I need to spend some time cleaning and organizing my cube. Bah. Cleaning at home and the office.


I'm tempted to leave early. My neck is bothering me, and being home earlier rather than later would be a good thing. And there's not really a whole lot going on here. I've got something to do, but it's not particularly fun, and I don't get the feeling that there's a terrible rush on it. I'll be going even deeper into the time bank hole, but, really, I know there are times when I'm doing something enjoyable that I don't mind being here for 10 hours. So, I think I can just borrow time against days like that. If I manage to get to bed early all weekend, I could definitely see myself getting up at 6 Monday morning, in by 7, leave work at 5. Hmm, gaming is at my house on Monday, so that would mean making dinner in advance and reheating it, probably. But, really, I'd probably be doing that anyway, since I'm planning on making lasagna, and I don't think I'm going to be making lasagna between work and gaming, anyway. Sounds like a plan. I'm outta here by 3:45, I think.