July 7th, 2003



Saturday was great, being a whole day with friends celebrating treacle_well's birthday. Started off with a croissant breakfast at her place. Then a potluck picnic with food, frisbee, and surrealestate's labyrinth. Then two games of Catan (one 4-player Settlers and one 6-player Cities & Knights). I managed to win both of them. The last one had some funky roll distributions helping me out, plus the fact that I was able to maintain a poker face and quietly win at the end.

I have one episode on disc 2 (of 5) of Stargate left to watch. I'm enjoying this season.

I've rediscovered Warlords 3 after hearing majes mention it during our playing of Warlords 2. I have the first Warlords 3 game (I guess there's an expansion now). It's a really cool game. I remember losing interest in it, though, after I had completed the campaign and the single scenarios. There isn't the rich variety of scenarios like with Warlords 2. I dunno why there isn't a way to make your own campaigns or even scenarios. I think the second Warlords 3 game added that on, but I certianly don't need to be spending money on something to waste time when I already have plenty of ways to waste my time. Warlords 4, coming out later this year, looks pretty cool, though.

The stupid bus to Malden came early, so I just missed it. So I decided I'd take the bus to Sullivan. Construction supposedly started today, so I figured I'd have to wait, but I had my book (Children of Dune, which I'm enjoying), so I figured it would be fine. Absolutely no sign of construction. Weird. I wonder when they're actually going to start. Maybe tonight?

Okay, back to work. I'm evaluating gizmos ("multimedia activities", although I only see one medium (there's no sound), so I'm not sure where they get off calling them multimedia) for reuse in a new book and trying to come up with ideas for other ones. There is supposed to be a meeting on each chapter with R, me, that chapter's editor, and one other person. R said, though, to be prepared for it to just be the two of us. I guess that means this is lower priority than other stuff going on, so people might not be able to make time for these brainstorming meetings. Anyway, what this means is that it's a pretty lazy day, since I don't have to sit hunched over proof, madly checking it to meet some deadline. I haven't heard anything about a deadline for this yet, so I'm not at all worried about it.

Busy week ahead. Gaming tonight (and I even remembered to bring my character!), Dream Theater/Queensryche concert Wednesday, Twelfth Night Thursday. Currently nothing concrete for Tuesday or the weekend. I might get some olives and make another batch of hummus (I made some last night) and eat that with flatbreads (I made those last night, too) while watching Stargate on Tuesday. Ooh, and maybe some cranberry-lime Bavarian. A nice night just sitting at home by myself. We'll see.


Don't really feel like working. It's partly being tired (up until 2 reading, woke up at 6, dozed until 7:20), but it's mostly that this work is boring and vague. I'm supposed to be looking at this stuff and trying to come up with ideas for reuse or new gizmos, but we're going to be having brainstorming meetings, so I'm not exactly sure what ideas I'm supposed to be coming up with here. Do people normally brainstorm on their own before going to a brainstorming meeting? Also, I just really prefer proofreading to stuff like this. I guess I can just get done with my "first pass" and then see if I can hunt down some other kind of work. It would also help if I knew when these meetings would be, and in what order, so I could have some focus. I work a lot better when I know precisely what the goal is.