July 3rd, 2003



Saw A Midsummer Night's Dream last night at the Publick Theatre. Excellent show. GReat costumes, neat set, and decent acting. Heh, and the wind played havoc with some of the men's skirts.

I slept better last night than I have since the heat started. I think it might be because I closed the window. So, I wasn't getting woken up by noises throughout the night. I dunno if that's all it was, but all I know is that I slept well.

Started and won a small scenario of Warlords this morning. Been having thoughts about making my own turn-based strategy game. Still just thinking about it, though. Once I actually get to feeling productive, there are quite a few other things on my plate before I'd get to something like that.

I sense a slow day at work, but we'll see what turns up in the afternoon. Reviewing more gizmos, for now.

bitty dropped of the rest of the Dune series yesterday, and I started the second book on the commute in this morning. It certainly has a different feel than the first book. With the first book, there was a sense of building, of trying to see exactly what Paul would become. In this book, he's already become it, so we're just here to see how other people try to stop him, and how he goes about saving humanity. We'll see how this turns out. Regardless, I'm still going to read the rest of the series. I may even eventually pick up the more recent dune books not writted by Frank Herbert.


I've got to remember to pack a lunch before eating breakfast. I ate breakfast and then had no interest in more food, so I ended up not bringing any. That was pretty dumb. So, pack lunch first, then breakfast.

Opinion requested

Do you think I should bother to send in a reusme for this job?


The relevant points of my question:
  • It says 1+ week of full-time work, but I would probably not be able to give 40 hours in a week, but probably close to 25. Of course, I'm quite a bit more efficient than most people, so me working 25 hours could possibly get done what they would expect in 35-40 hours.
  • It says that experience editing computer science manuals is required. I have much experience editing math textbooks (middle school, high school, and college), but none editing computer science manuals. However, I do have a degree in computer science.


Finally used my gift certificate for Rebecca's Café. Got a sandwich (grilled chicken, lettuce, and tomato on white bread), chips, and drink (Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango) lunch combo. Expensive ($7.10) and the sandwich was . . . okay (although it's taste improved muchly because I was so hungry). Just finished the sammich and am about to start on the juice and chips.


Hit with post-lunch tiredness. I still have sleep to catch up on. Hmm, maybe I'll actually go to bed early tonight. Of course, I'm heading over to my Warlords partners' place after work to copy down a recipe, so it's possible I might instigate get sucked into a game. I still have all weekend to sleep in, though, since I have no late plans until gaming on Monday.


Went to pick up a recipe after work and ended up staying for dinner and Warlords. I also picked up season 3 of Stargate. Hmm, so, I could play Warlords now, I could watch some Stargate, I could watch Simpsons on TV, or I could go to bed. Or some combination thereof. Hmm. Hungry, so I think I'll throw eating in there, too. Hmm.