June 2nd, 2003



Some dreams I had this morning made me emotianal and reflective. My reactions to my dreams were pretty unusual for me in their nature and their intensity.

Somehow, this made me want to listen to music. So I grabbed some CDs to bring in to work. I just popped a CD in and iTunes popped up. Cool! I didn't have iTunes on my machine. I know they were talking about upgrading the OS, so it looks like they either forgot about iTunes with this upgrade or just decided to add it. Either way, I now have iTunes at work. I guess I'll start bringing a handful of CDs in each day.
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    Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have

That was dumb

For the NIN CD and most of this Pink Floyd CD, I didn't have the headphones pushed all of the way in to the computer (you really have to push a lot), so I was only getting sound in one ear. Of course, I figure it out on the penultimate song of the second disc I've listened to today.
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    Pink Floyd - Not Now John