May 29th, 2003


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I got taken out to dinner yesterday for my birthday. theora took me to FuGaKyu (otherwise known as "the fuck you place"), a Japanese restaurant. I'd heard good things about their sushi. And it was yummy. The interesting one of the evening was the Lousiana maki, which included crayfish. There are some other ones that look interesting, so I'm definitely going to go back some time.

I then went and picked up some proofreading. It's something for Arisia, proofreading scanned and cleaned up pages against photocopies of a book. It's an early Tim Powers book, and he's going to be one of the guests of honor at the next Arisia. I'm still not exaclty sure what this is for, though. Are they re-releasing some of his old books? I guess they sometimes publish reprints of guest-of-honor books for local cons, so that's probably what this is. I got three chapters, and I'm returning them in a week.

Speaking of proofreading, I managed to get to bed early and get up early and get some Krayzen work done this morning. I was actually able to upload something to the server. I'm in the middle of a first look at another piece, so I think I'll probably try to get that finished after work today. I'm marking it by hand first, then I'll probably start in on entering the changes electronically in the morning. I've bene waking up at 5:30 and staying in bed until 6:30. I'm going to try to be asleep by 10 tonight and get up when I first wake up tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

Go me

I'm home and am cooking dinner and have started in on some Krayzen editing. Oh, and dishes are soaking. I'm feeling pretty productive. Will do dishes and more editing after dinner. Then a walk over to beowabbit's to pick up some mail and possibly get in a round or two of Boggle. Then a walk home, then maybe some more editing if I feel up to it, but more likely some cleaning and some reading before getting to bed. I still hope to be asleep by 10 and up by 5:30, when I will continue editing.

And I now have a project with the Community Software Lab to work on. More on that later as I get into it. Briefly, it's something that will generate daily reports of sudo.log. Whee.