May 14th, 2003



My foot is feeling much better. Much. This compression sock, or whatever it's called, really seems to be doing the trick.

And speaking of health, I haven't noticed any seasonal allergies yet this year. I don't know if the allergens have just been low or what, but it's very possible the avoiding milk thing is helping out with my other allergies. We'll see, I guess. It would be nice to see this actually paying off.


So here's a bad-health post to balance out the good-health post.

My neck/shoulders have been hurting off and on. They hurt Tuesday night, but not much during the day on Wednesday. Then they hurt again Wednesday night, and they're still hurting now. I probably need some time to relax. Just sit at home, not on the computer, take a bath, maybe even find someone to give me a massage.

My back was a bit sore over the weekend from sleeping weird. That's gone, but just now someone knocked outside the pass-locked doors. I got out of my chair quickly, twisting around, and I either pulled a muscle on the right side in the middle of my back or I aggravated something that was already there. Not terribly pleasant if I move it too much in the wrong way. And it appears to be difficult to move it in the right way.

I think I'm going to take an Aleve.

Me-weekend declaration

I declare this weekend a me weekend. There is currently nothing on my calendar, and I'm going to keep it that way (unless something really interesting comes up, if I'm going to be realistic with myself). I need to take care of my body. I need to take care of my house. I want to finish up this season of Stargate. I want to work on some programming (I've got a lot of people wanting that security level script, so that gives me some good motivation to work on it). I want to read the French comic rikchik let me borrow. I want to do some cooking, so I'll have leftovers next week.

Memorial Day weekend will be busy, with my mom being in town and with the Boggle tournament. I think I'll need this weekend to myself. Or at least the prospect of having it to myself, even if I end up being more social, which I usually do.

Stupid Perl Humor

I was filling out the credit card receipt at a restaurant last night. Writing in the tip and total amounts (which, by the way, I added up incorrectly. I wasn't paying too much attention), I wrote in a dollar sign. After filling it in, I noticed that the receipt had preprinted dollar signs. So I had two dollar signs.

"I'm dereferencing a scalar," I said.

Hoo boy, I crack me up.


I should go to sleep. But tofu pups, key lime soda, and Stargate are just calling my name. Really.

A very cool play with magid tonight. HouseBreakHeart at the Loeb Experimental Theater. A spin on a Shaw play called Heartbreak House. Neat mix of Victorian stuff and modern.

Ran into farwing at Pandemonium as I was looking for some KODT.

Played Boggle at lunch with treacle_well, bitty, and mattlistener. I'm out fo practice. Although, really, I think we all are. I'm certainly not going to be in the top form I was last year. The tournament will still be fun. And here's a reminder that RSVPs are due on Sunday.

I got home and called my dad, since he's been trying to reach me for several days now. Nice little chat. He's going to the Hot Air Balloon Festival this year. He's always wanted to go, and this is his first time.

Okay, hungry, time for tofu pup.