May 13th, 2003



So my post finally made it onto lj_nifty! (It's a moderated community, now, so someone has to approve posts there.) I got some people saying it's neat, some people saying they wouldn't put their password onto a Web site (which I agree with, although, really, it's pretty much the same amount of trust you put into a client. But, yeah), one person who said it didn't work (which I was easily able to track down why (I wasn't taking a little fact about different journal styles into account) and fix it and now it should work for everyone (unless someone has a really screwy journal style)), a couple of people who suggested other features, and a couple of people who questioned how much it would hit the LJ database servers. So, I feel pretty good. Getting feedback is nice. And, of course, I did get the one person who had just over the weekend done this manually for 2 years of entries.

My character was in a coma for most of last night's role-playing session, so I got to have nice chats with the other people in the group as they cycled in and out of the game. I managed to not watch an episode of Stargate after getting home, although I did watch The Simpsons. Up at 7. I was planning on leaving a little earlier, but then I wanted to deal with the comments from my lj_nifty post, so that's taken a while.

Time to eat breakfast, make lunch, then head to work. I'm doing little projects right now, so I'm going to be needing to hunt down work pretty soon after I get there. I won't have any tech projects to work on until at least the end of the week.
pink vader


Well, the script seems to be pretty popular. Popular enough that it's ground to a virtual standstill. I'm still logged on, so I'm able to get commands through, although slowly. I removed the script, so hopefully will return to normal shortly.

I feel pretty stupid. Learning experience, I guess. I called prog, and he didn't seem too upset. Of course, I have rarely seen him upset about anything, and I did get him out of bed with my phone call, so he was probably pretyt groggy, too.

I also realized that there's most likely a way to do this that is much friendlier to LJ's servers. I'm going to rework the script to be friendlier and possibly to take up less memory. I'm not sure if I can put it back up on a Web site again, but I can at least distribute it to other people.

Actually, I wonder if I couldn't just add the code to an existing client. Hmm, we'll have to see.