May 12th, 2003


Foot note

Between yesterday and today, I've gotten three different opinions on what to do about my still-hurting foot.

  1. Definitely get it checked out. Something could be broken, and I could be making it worse by walking around on it.

  2. Take some Advil to see if that helps. I don't necessarily need to go see a doctor right away.

  3. It might be worth going to see a doctor. Even if they tell me there's nothing they can do about it and just have me wrap it or something, at least I will have gotten advice and will be doing something about it.

treacle_well has some sort of Ace bandage sock thing that she used for something similar a while ago. If I remember, I might try that out when I'm over there for role playing tonight. I'll probably pick up some Advil, too. If my foot feels noticeably better in a couple of days, I'll just stick with that. If it doesn't, I'll call to get an appointment.

I really don't know what's wrong with me. A dentist visit and numerous doctor visits in one year!
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Slept in until 8 today. I ended up watching an episode of Stargate after getting home last night, so I didn't get to bed until midnight. I like that I can mostly get back to sleep after wkaing up early, thus feeling pretty well rested. However, I really would prefer getting to bed earlier and up earlier (gotta get all that health, wealth, and wisdom I can). We'll see how I do getting to bed early this week. Tonight is role playing, so I can maybe get to sleep by 11:30. Tomorrow I'm getting together with lyadann, but we're getting together early, so I should be able to get to sleep by 11 or earlier. I've got nothign goig on wednesday, so I should probably come home, cook some food, maybe watch an episode of Stargate, and then go to bed. Thursday is the eclipse, so I'll be up late. This weekend is open so far, so I may try to get to bed early. I only have something like three Stargate episodes left, so I won't have that lure to staying up late. I think I might wait a while before borrowing Buffy and getting hooked on that. Although, really, from what little I've seen, Stargate is a better show and closer to the kind of thing I like. We'll see, though. I need to get back to studying French and doing some writing of various kinds. I brought my French book with me today, and I plan to read it during gaming tonight. My character is in a coma (not an unusual condition for most characters I've played in any role-playing game), so I will probably have some down time.

Boggle tournament RSVPs are slowly trickling in. I think we may get to more people than last year (which was only 10, so that shouldn't be too hard to beat). That's something else I need to do this weekend: make a Boggle shirt for last year's winner and maybe one for this year's winner.
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Games and food

I went to treacle_well's gaming thing yesterday. I played a game of Cities & Knights, which was fun. We had 4 people, but we set up for a 5-6 player game, hoping that people would show up wanting to play. I was dreading having to explain the game to people. But people showed up wanting to play. As luck would have it, they'd played Settlers a lot, just not Cities & Knights, so it was a fairly easy explanation. I noticed that I didn't get upset at all the couple of times other people interrupted my explanation with things I had just said or things I was just about to say. That's probably a better sign than any that I'm in a pretty good mood.

The game was fun, and the new people were fun to play with. I was getting a little antsy when we had a growing crowd of spectators, since it was hard to hear things and was slowing down the game a little. But that didn't even really bother me, either, which is good.

Took off after the game and grabbed dinner at Blue Shirt Cafe with majes and gyodi.

Thanks to magid, I got shopping done earlier in the day, so I now have, among other things, spelt flour and vegan cheese. I think I might try some more pizza this week. I will probably hit Stop & Shop on the way home from work on Wednesday to pick up some vegetables for toppings and some fruit to eat. I've been thining I should eat more fruits and vegetables, and plums sound like good fruit to eat, although they didn't have any at Bread & Circus yesterday.

French Web comics

After being pointed at a recent Doonesbury, I got to thinking that French comics would be a good way for me to improve my French skills. Does anyone know where I might be able to find some French Web comics? An initial search didn't turn up anything useful.