May 8th, 2003


Boggle Tournament

I just sent out an email about the Boggle Tournament happening on May 25th. If you are reading this and didn't get an email, it means I either didn't think you'd be interested or I didn't have your email address (or I thought you lived too far away to make it) (or I just spaced out).

If you did not receive an email invitation but would like one, please let me know.

Building Evacuation

We're having a building evacuation drill today (right now, in fact). However, we don't have to congregate at our designated spots; they're just trying to see how quickly they can empty the building, or something like that. Just now I heard from someone that they're doing it floor-by-floor, emptying one floor completely then letting that floor back in. I've only heard 2 groups of people coming down the stairs (floors 22 and 21) so far, and I haven't heard anyone in a while. I'm on 11. It will probably be a while.

The book sale here starts at 10:45. I seriously doubt the evacuation will be done by then. Going to be a slow day, I think. And yesterday before I left, the IT guy came by and said I should be able to print to the printer that is close to me. I tried this morning, and it didn't work again. So, it looks like I'll be using the printer 4 floors down. I don't really want to send anything there right now, since I don't want to leave stuff there, cluttering things up for other people. So, I sit here writing this entry. Hey, maybe I can catch up on some Jotto puzzle solutions.


Book sale is way too crowded right now. I can't believe they're doing it in such a small room. I'll give it a look later today.


Another attempt down to the book sale, and now they have a line waiting to get in to the room. Really, I don't need any more books in my life badly enough to wait in line forever. ?i really should try to properly put away all of the books I currently have before I think of acquiring more. There's still just piles of books on the bookshelf in the basement from when hrafn moved out and took one of the bookshelves with her. And the shelves in my bedroom could use cleaning. They are simply a repository for a bunch of crap that I need to sort through. And I've got stacks of books in the basement to get rid of. Maybe I should post to gb-reuse. Of course, that might mean writing down all of the titles. And they're not books anyone would want, anyway. I guess it wouldn't hurt ot put them up on gb-reuse, then see if a library will take them or something. Or I could make a fire pit in the living room and save on heating costs.

Getting some work done. Plus I got all caught up on the Jotto puzzle solutions. If things remain a bit slow, I might even get started on tomorrow's puzzle. Of course, tomorrow will probably be slow, too.

Dum dee dum

So I'm sitting here with literally nothing to do. I finished up the project my supervisor gave me yesterday, and I've told people I need work. People were busy, so I was told: "I'll call you. If I don't call you, come find me." So, I did a crossword. I've already picked tomorrow's Jotto puzzle and solved it. Maybe I'll work on Saturday's.


so the fucking printer problems from yesterday? We were talking about TWO DIFFERENT PRINTERS!!!!! They are in the same direction from my cube, so pointing in the general direction didn't do anything. And they kept saying "printer" yesterday. Today the IT guy gives me some printouts that he said were at the "copier". AHA! It's the new copier that is also a printer.

I feel a bit embarrassed, but I'm not sure if I should, since they kept saying "printer" yesterday. Bah!

And, of course, now I'm done with needing a color printer.


I blush too easily, and sometimes for stupid reasons. I tend to blush when someone I don't know well talks to me. People are usually too polite to say anything about it, though. Actually, the people who usually tease me about my blushing are the people who know me best. I guess that makes sense.

Hungry. I'm going to be getting Rami's in a little over an hour, though, so that will be good. Mmmm, felafel. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Or, "M'm. M'm."