April 28th, 2003


Sex dream

I had a sex dream last night, and I was lying in bed this morning composing a post about it (which i almost never do, by the way). It has a recurring character in it, and I was going to post a bit about that, maybe do some speculating about why that particular character is recurring. But I don't feel like posting it right now, which probably means I won't get back to it.

But I'll put it here in case I feel like posting about it sometime in the future and happen to run across this and it jogs my memory. Or, I might be willing to talk about it in person if asked. It's pretty interesting to me (not the dreams themselves, but the stuff behind them), but, like most dreams, it's probably not interesting to other people.


Don't feel like working. Even with me massively dragging my feet, I will probably get this thing done today. I doubt my supervisor will have more for me, so that means I'll be doing more short-term proofing projects, which isn't particularly inspiring.

I was planning on going outside today for lunch, but . . . meh . . . that just means I'll have to be here longer. I guess I'll get this work done and see what time it is and how I feel then. May take off early. Making time up later in the week might be easier than staying here a full day today.