April 17th, 2003

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Up too late

The Seder was very fun with yummy food. I even got home at a decent hour, just a little after 10. My sister had called, so I called her back and chatted until 11. She and her husband are going to Las Vegas for their first wedding anniversary, so she was in the middle of packing. We chatted about stuff, some about our brother. We talked about what we remembered from the day of the funeral. We both remembered different things, but neither of us remembered very much. Probably my strongest memory was touching my brother's body in the casket at the wake. It was very cold. I'll remember that forever.

And then I was stupid and stayed up watching Stargate (the movie). So now I can start watching Stargate SG-1 (the TV show), since I borrowed the first season DVD's from dannarra. I'm going to another Seder tonight, so I will likely start watching them this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, here's a reminder that the next story reading at my place is Saturday from 7-10. Let me know if you're planning on coming.

And Sunday is pancakes. Mmmmm. And zzbottom is also picking me up some Stewart's soda, a couple of flavors that aren't available here: Cherries & Cream and Lemon Meringue. I like both Orange & Cream and Key Lime, so I think I will like these. Mmmmmm.

Doing more proofreading today, although this is easy stuff. It's a really late stage of proof, so I'm basically just making sure that everything is on the page that is supposed ot be on the page, that they didn't switch any of the art, stuff like that. I'll be doing that at least until the end of the week, possibly longer depending on what happens with my other project.

I fixed a little bug in my interest tracker Perl script. HTML::TokeParser::Simple wasn't doing what I expected it to. A quick glance at its documentation didn't turn up what might be causing it, so I just did a little kludge in my program to account for it, and everything works fine now. Basically, it was sometimes returning things as two tokens when I thought it should be returning them as one token. Not really sure why.

Still reading the French textbook on the commute. If I have time, maybe I'll take a look at Le Petit Prince this weekend. Hmm, maybe I'll do a reading from there. Does anyone have an English version? I think I only have the French. Of course, I suppose I could read the French and try to do an English translation. Hmm. In any case, I need to find something to read for story reading.
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I don't know if I'm going to make it to 6:30 like I'd planned. Tired tired tired. I wonder if there's somewhere I can go to nap before dinner.
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Vegetarianism as discipline

No, it's not bread and water, any more. It's "vegetarian loaf." From an article about Lee Malvo:
If he is found guilty of the violations, he could be placed in disciplinary segregation, as he was after last month's violations. His mattress would be removed for 16 hours each day, he would lose visiting and phone privileges, and he would be fed only the jail's "vegetarian loaf" -- a mixture of eggs, cheese and vegetables.
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At least I can recognize various self-destructive urges for what they are and decide not to give in to them. The last one I had, I gave into, but that was the reversible kind. The one just now is not reversible (although I could recreate what I was thinking about destorying. It would be a hassle, and I probably wouldn't ever find the motivation to recreate it, but it would be possible to do), so I decided to not do it, figuring that my mood would change and I might regret having been destructive.

This kind of paying attention to my processing isn't something I've always done. It pleases me that I am finding myself doing it now.