April 12th, 2003



I went to Bartley's in Harvard Square for dinner with theora last night. I got the Professor Skip Gates Burger (teriyaki sauce and pineapple), and she got the Viagara Burger (blue cheese and bacon). I successfully avoided dairy, even the temptation to get one of their frappes.

After dinner, we headed to the Garage so theora could browse CD's. As we got up the the second floor, we see geeyodi, dannarra, and xastalask. They are there waiting for majes to finish his monthly go-out-and-get-drunk-with-people-from-work night. So we all go and hang out in Newbury comics, and I think everyone came out of there with some purchases. I picked up a CD by Apocalyptica, four guys with cellos who do covers of other tunes, including stuff by Metallica. They had one CD of just Metallica, and one CD of a mix, which is the one I've heard bits from before, so I got that one. I also picked up something that I mistakenly thought was music by Clive Barker. It turns out that it's music that Clive Barker compiled, stuff from his own collection that he likes. So, we'll see if that ends up being good.

Then we headed over to Pandemonium, where I picked up four Knights of the Dinner Table comics. Two recent issues (#74 and #75) and the first two of a special three-part series. I've read the regular ones already, and I'll probably read the other ones today.

majes found us at Pandemonium. As theora and I were about to leave, I decided to suggest a game of Cities & Knights. So we ended up meeting back up chez majes and played Cities & Knights. I didn't know that xastalask hadn't played before, so it was a bit longer since I had to explain the rules. I must have been a really good teacher, though, since he won the game. Very late night, and I stayed up even later reading comics.

A very nice evening, especially considering I woke up yesterday morning expecting to just come home after work and plop in front of the television.

Hmm, I should probably resist the temptation to read the rest of my comics right now. I should at the very least get dishes done today, and I want to do some Krayzen editing and at least a little bit of programming. I was also reminded last night of my New Year's resolutions, so I think I want to review those, pick one thing I haven't done yet, and set a goal of making significant progress on it by my birthday.


hrafn is going through some of our files, pulling out stuff that is hers. She came across a couple of things, one I recognize and one I don't.

The one I don't recognize is something written by me on the back of some papers that we got when the two of us took a class at the Air Force base where we took the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (ENTP for me, if I recall correctly, which is unlikely) (well, I'm sure about the ENT parts (although I was close to the border for E and I), but I forget if I'm P or J). It is:
A beige phone with a post it on the front. Cord twisted slightly. Orange sticker partially hidden byt he hand set. Four rubber stoppers underneath. 12 gray buttons. Little bell symbol below and left of keypad.

The one I did recognize was this a meeting reminder. When I was a freshman in high school, I was in French 2 with a senior (Jon Slock). We had some sort of discussion about which one of us would be more successful in life. So we agreed to meet in that spot in exactly 20 years. It's been 13 years, and I sitll have the paper. I intend to show up in 7 years. I will be very surprised if he does, but you never know.

Update: I jsut Googled for Jon Slock. There appears to be a Jon Slock who is the director of the Catholic Charities Volunteer Corps, based in the Twin Cities. And there is also a Jon Slock who runs marathons and half-marathons in Minnesota and is listed as being 30 years old and from St. Paul. These are probably the same person, and they are probably the person I knew in high school. The age is right, I went to a Catholic school, and he was on the cross country team. Weird. I guess I'll send him an email.