April 2nd, 2003


An evening, a night, and a morning

I decided to head to the Diesel after work. I played two games of Euchre, each with one person who hadn't played before. I got a Monkey Wrench (turkey, sprouts, avocado, mustard, mayonnaise on a baguette), and I even got it without cheese. That makes a decent amount of time now that I've been completely dairy free. We'll see how allergies go as the weather starts getting nicer. I think this cough that I have must be a low-grade version of one of the sicknesses that's going around, but it's mostly going away.

After Diesel, I went to play games at the House of Roses. I played Steam Tunnel, a new Cheapass game. Very nice. I think I was able to pick up the strategy pretty quickly, and I ended up winning the game. I like that I'm pretty good at picking up on strategy games like that pretty quickly. Not that I'll necessarily do better than other people in the long run, but my brain seems to assimiliate new strategies quickly.

Feeling a bit tired, I caught the earlier bus home, getting home by 9. I snacked on some olives and a Stewart's Key Lime Soda while reading my book, then I took a bath and went to bed. One thing to note about the bath was that, when I leaned back and put my head in the water, I couldn't feel the water. It literally felt almost exactly the same to have my head out of the water as it did to have it in the water. I wonder what other super powers I will discover from having shaved my head.

Lights out at 10:30, awake around 5:30 (plus numerous times during the night). Had some dreams. Lately, my dreams seem to have a large component dealing with how I feel about several people, and telling my dreams would give away too much personal information, both abot me and about them, so I am not going to write about them. I should probably start keeping a dream journal. Especially with getting up so early during the summer, I can afford the time in the morning to write down my dreams for 5 or 10 minutes.

Up around 5:45, in to work by 7. 75 pages left in the 720-page book I'm reading. Last of the 11-book series. I think I'll be done reading fiction for a little while after I finish this book (probably tonight). I've got a decent number of non-fiction books at home to work through. Speaking of books, I suppose I should try to find some time this month to have another story reading. How does Wednesday, April 30th, at 7:00 sound?

I think I'll be finishing up reviewing the eTuorial stuff today (well, I will if I stay away from too much LiveJournal today). I asked my supervisor last week if we'd be seeing this stuff again. He said that it was likely, but that it was unclear how much editing we'd be doing to it at that point. I think they're already way behind schedule, so I owuld imagine that, once they fix these errors, we aren't going to be changing anything other than the most egregious ones.

I need to take a picture for this week's photochallenge. The topic is industrialization. I think I might hop off the bus on the way home and take some pictures of this power plant on 99. I think it's a power plant. Anyway, it's all industrial-looking, and probably the best chance I'll get for this week's competition. It looks like next week's topic could very well be portrait, which I'm really excited about. I have two portraits that I've already taken that I really, really like. I think I will take some more over the weekend and next week, but I will probably end up using one of the two I've already taken. I already have permission to use one of them, but I'm unsure if I'll be able to get permission to use the other one.


Probably QOTM, and it's going to be a strong contendor for QOTY:

"You can assume that I'm probably coming, but may have to pull out at the last minute."

Goodbye, 1K

For the past week, I have been watching my number of journal entries creep closer to 1,000. I hadn't decided exactly what to do yet, but I was going to do something special for my thousandth journal entry. I made the 999th this morning. I was going to do soem work and then decide what to do for the big 1K.

And then I was amused by a quote and just had to post it, completely forgetting about the thousandth post thing.

I guess that pretty much sums up the past 1,000 journal entries. I write things as they come to mind, not putting careful consideration into the posts, just putting things up right away. And I like that because, well, it's me.

So, happy 1K to my journal.


So, my mom is trying to decide what she wants to be when she grows up (she'll be 48 in July). Recently, she said she thought she was ready to move again, since she (in Indiana) didn't like being so far away from her kids (in Boston) and her parents (in Maryland). There is some program she is considering at Notre Dame where you have to be there for 4 or 6 weeks in the summer, but the rest of the year you can do it correspondence (I think it's some sort of business thing, but I forget exactly what). I suggested that she could come live with me, which would save me the trouble of having to fid a roommate. Well, this morning she sent in her first resumé to a place in Boston, and I just got an email from her saying that she just got her acceptance letter from Notre Dame.

So, although it's still just a possibility, I could have my mom living with me by September. That would certainly make life a bit more interesting.

And, hey, bitty, it would be one more person for Euchre.

Bed Bath & Beyond

So, I got another coupon in the mail. This one, however, is for 20% off an entire purchase, not just 10% off one item, like the other ones (which I still have 2 of that expire April 21st, if anyone wants them).

Could anyone use the big one? Any group of anyones?


I cooked up the rest of the tilapia. There were six fillets left and enough seasoning for four of them. So I mixed up a differetn seasoning for the other two. I ate three of the fillets, and I have three left for lunch tomorrow.

Did up the dishes before making dinner, so there are only a few from dinner now. Yay me. Unfortunately, I'm not too motivated to do much else. I think I may just go to sleep after The Simpsons. I could get 9 hours of sleep and be up at 5. Mmmm, sleep.

I finished the project I was working on. Now I just have to spend an hour or two tomorrow morning entering the remaining error reports into the spreadsheet. My supervisor seemed very happy with me. He's got no work for me just yet, so I sent an email to some other people to see if they have anything for me. I'll see when I get in to work in the morning.

Less typing, more Simpsons.