March 26th, 2003



Cough is still with me. I was able to sleep fine last night, though, which is good. Not really in the mood for working, but I've checked both my email and LiveJournal, and I really should work. But I've got a sense of unease. Partly it's the nice weather, wanting to be outside. Partly it's being hungry for more LiveJournal posts to read. Partly it's worry about the future of the country. Partly it's worry about my future. Not anything much separately, or even all together. Just enough for a low-level unease, wanting to do soemthing other than work. Go for a walk or something, find a protest, read my book in the grass, something.

Work now. Maybe someone will distract me with a phone call.

Uh, that's weird

So, I tried to make a feed to prog's O'Reilly weblog. When I entered it in, LJ added it to my list but gave it the name salampax. It appears someone thought they were creating a feed for whereisraed but got confused because they saw it in prog's O'Reilly weblog. And then they unfriended it when they found out the mistake they had made. But a feed with no users doesn't go away apparently. So, I'm stuck with the name salampax for this feed. That's just dumb.

Oh my

Hey look, someone hacked this government server and put up some stupid crap. Yup, this is real funny.

See the hilarity.

If this passes, you can bet I'll be demonstrating against this, gorging myself and blasting music in the streets. Fucking idiots.


You know, if they had just consulted me in the planning phases of this product I'm reviewing, it would have been much better. And they really should have flown me down to Tampa, where this was made, so that I could oversee the making of this product, so they wouldn't have made such stupid mistakes.

You know, I bet I could form my own company to make online versions of math textbooks. Or I could just offer my services as a consultant to this company, let them send me stuff for review and pay me lots of money.


Before doing anything else upon arrival home, I put away all of my clean clothes and got started on the dishes. A bit of a break to eat something and read email and LJ, and now it's back to dishes. Woo. Really, this won't take too long, I don't think, which might give me some time to read tonight.


I always forget how little time it takes to make a huge difference in the way a place looks. The kitchen is done (I haven't washed the floor, and I don't really feel like it). I'm working on the bathroom. The major clutter is off the floor in my bedroom. All in all, it looks pretty nice. The most time is going to spent finding places for all sorts of things that are strewn about all over the house. I put the television in my room in order to lure myself to work in there with The Simpsons. It has been working so far.