March 25th, 2003



I was thinking about routine this morning as I was walking from the T to work. I got started thinking about it because I always walk to same way from the Arlington T stop to my work. There are actually two different ways I could go, but I always take the one way.

I started thinking about other routine parts of my life. The one that jumps out at me most is what I do with my wallet, cell phone, and keys. My cell phone goes in my right front pocket, my keys go in my left front pocket, and my wallet goes in my right back pocket. When I get to my desk at work, I am carrying my ID badge, from just having let myself in the door. I set the badge down on my desk. I take off my backpack and set it on the extra chair. I take off my coat. I take my cell phone, keys, and wallet out of my pockets and put them in the middle compartment of my backpack. I put my ID badge in my right front pocket, where it remains until the end of the day. At the end of the day, I put my ID badge in the middle compartment of my backpack, take my cell phone, keys,a nd wallet out, and put them in the appropriate pockets. When I get home, my cell phone, keys, and wallet all go in the same place by the CD player. Repeat.

Now, I didn't set out to establish this routine. I don't do it because I think it will help me not forget things (although it does do that). It's just what I automatically settled into. And everything feels right and comfortable when I do it according to that routine. I don't even think about it most of the time. And breaking from that routine is very noticeable. The couple of times I have left my keys in the front door, I have noticed right away when I went to put my cell phone and wallet in their usual spot and noticed that I couldn't put my keys in their usual spot.

Offhand, I can't think of any other daily routines that I have like that. Consciously, I seem to not like routine, but that little bit of routine with my cell phone, keys, and wallet is the most natural thing in the world to me.

Boggle Tournament

Just a preliminary warning that it looks quite possible that there will be another Boggle tournament on Sunday, May 25th. It also happens to be my birthday and Memorial Day weekend. I'm thinking about making people register and charging an entrance fee this time, so that I can be sure of how many people I will have. All the money collected will be donated to a charitable organization. Anyone have an thoughts on the collection of a registration fee?

And, yes, I know Labor Day weekend might find people out of town. I'd like to hear about it if you'd like to make it to the Boggle tournament but won't be in town that day.

And, yes, I still owe last year's winner a T-shirt. I think I'll make 2 T-shirts at the same time, so I'll have one on hand for this year's winner (and since someone else won the first tournament, I won't feel bad about winning this one).

New userpic

I've been waiting until I had something appropriate to say to use this new userpic, but I'm not that patient. So, whee, here's my new userpic. I snapped this on my walk from work yesterday. This was on the Mass Ave bridge.

A day

Got a decent amount of work done, although not quite as much as I was expecting, partly due to how many errors there are in this latest batch. I'll probably finish up Thursday, and then it'll be time to start in on the next batch. Should be done with all of this by week after next, I hope.

Had a nice email conversation in German today, even though I speak no German. Bread dough is rising to make more flatbreads. Mmmm. I'm using actual wheat flour this time. I can't remember the last time I baked with actual wheat flour. I was in a bind last week, needing to make brownies but being afraid I didn't have enough flour. So I bought regular flour, since that's the kind of store I was at. I had enough spelt flour for the brownies, and for more brownies, and for flatbreads. Finally used up the last of the spelt, so now I'll work through this. I'm hoping that these flatbreads turn out better than the last ones. They were fine, but they weren't anywhere near as good as magid's flatbreads. And, of course, I forgot to put any kind of seasoning on them other than olive oil. I hope I don't forget again with these.

Time to do some more dishes.
worm food


Was sneezing today. And then started coughing. I'm still coughing. Got made fun of for it repeatedly during the evening. Damned allergies. Definitely going to try for the zero dairy. I managed to avoid cupcake temptation after dinner tonight. I hate having this stupid cough. Sneezing is actually kind of fun, but this cough and constant irritation in my throat is decidedly not fun.