March 22nd, 2003


Part of a dream

I saw a bunch of airplanes in the sky, and I pointed them out to the people I was with. I knew they were on their way to Iraq. Then, a little later, the sky was full of missiles. I kind of suggested to people that they might be our missiles, heading out, but it sonn became apparent that they were missiles coming at us, fired from Iraq. There were so many of them. We ran and hid in some sort of cave, but we knew that, with as many missiles as there were, there was nowhere we could hide.

After getting up, I decided to go for a walk, since I didn't take advantage of the nice weather at all yesterday. Very nice morning out. Pleasantly cool, slightly damp, overcast. I walked around the park and took some pictures, thinking about this week's photochallenge theme, Youth/Children.

My left calf has been hurting sporadically for quite a while. It hurt more right when I got up this morning, and that made me remember that, at one point, I'd had a theory that it had to do with the way I was sleeping. I might have to try paying more attention to what I'm doing with my left leg when I'm sleeping.


I wonder if it's just the large amounts of time at home that make napping possible, or if I'm sick, or if I'm depressed, or what. Whatever is happening, I've been napping the past couple of days. I haven't napped regularly for quite a while. Still tired, but I don't know if I should jsut give in and nap or if I should force myself to stay awake and do stuff.

Got an hour of work in this morning. Watched some Saturday morning cartoons. Made garlic mashed potatoes and salmon for lunch with hrafn. Made brownies to finish off the frosting. Feeling like I want to go out and do something tonight, but I've got no place to go. Bah. Well, maybe I'll do a little work now and see how that feels. Oh, I did do some laundry (not the sheets yet, I'll do those tomorrow), and I got all of the recycling put into the bin and bags and moved to the door, ready to be taken out Wednesday morning. Kitchen looks much nicer. Oh, and I washed all fo the dishes, except for some of the ones I dirtied again today.

Showdown in Little Tokyo

So, the movie last night was as bad as the little write-up suggested. I was at least expecting it to be a pleasant diversion. Two examples of its stupidity:

We learned earlier (through some stupid, unbelievable dialogue) that the owner of the Read Dragon Brewery is now the owner of the Bamboo Club (I know that's not the right name of the club, but I forget, anyway, it's not important). So Dolph and Brandon tail the bad guys, and they come up to this place with walls and a gate. As the gate is closing, we see an emblem of a dragon on the gate, and the main color of the walls is red. Now, what would you expect this place to be? (paraphrasing, but not much) Brandon: "What is this place?" Dolph: "It must be the Red Dragon Brewery. You remember that the owner of the Red Dragon Brewery is the new owner of the Bamboo Club." Really, that's pretty much word-for-word what they said.

The other example. The female interest in the movie gets kidnapped and raped by the bad guy. Dolph sees her about to commit seppuku and goes to stop her (killing all 9 of the guards at the house in the process). Mind, this is the day after she's been raped. He rescues her, takes her and Brandon into hiding. That evening, she seduces him and they end up having sex.

The best thing I can say about the movie is that I got a phone call with about half an hour left of the movie, which allowed me to turn it off.

Just finished another hour of work, so that's 4 hours so far, which I feel pretty good about. I may end up deciding to rent a movie or something, or I may do some more work, or I may do some programming, or I may see what's on TV, or I may take a bath, or I may do some writing, or I may do some combination of the above.

I was feeling fairly well-off financially until today. We owe much money in taxes. I think it's because last year was the first year that we both made a full income (minus one month for me), so our withholding wasn't nearly enough. Bah. Oh well, at least this is something we can mostly afford. I sure hope the mortgage refinancing happens soon. The appraiser that the bank hired is coming here next Friday, and I have some paperwork I need to sign and send in to them (well, it's already signed, I just need to make sure I get copies and then put them in an envelope). Other than that, I think it's all up to them. Oh, and I'm supposed to send in two months of bank statements, which I'll do as soon as I get the next bank statement.

Okay, now to pay the excise tax and then figure out what to do with the rest fo the evening.


Rented Office Space, which I haven't seen. After getting back from the video store (the one at the bottom of the hill), I futzed a little bit with the letter-for-letter stuff, writing a small program to create anagram dictionaries and then refamiliarizing myself with what I wanted to do. I also downloaded a module that will help (Algorithm::ChooseSubsets), which should make my job much much easier. It should actually be pretty darned easy, so we'll see what I can come up with after I finish the movie and before I watch Bronco Billy, a Clint Eastwood movie on TV at 11:30 (if I can stay up for it).