March 19th, 2003

worm food

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Captain : Tell me young man, what do you want out of life?
Homer : I want peas!
Captain : Ah, we all want peace, but it's always just out of reach.
Homer : Ooh, uh huh.
Captain : So, what's the best way to get peace?
Homer : With a knife.
Captain : Exactly. Not with the olive branch, but the bayonet! Oh Simpson, you're like the son I never had.
Homer : And you're like the father I never visit.

The Girl Who Had Whipped Avocado Dessert On Her Brain (a picture book)

There once was a girl named Anne. [picture of a girl, about 8]

Anne loved to read cookbooks. Her favorite cookbook was Betty Crocker's Cookbook of Absolutely Everything. It had all sorts of recipes that were not in any other cookbook. [picture of Anne spread out on the floor read Betty Crocker's Cookbook of Absolutely Everything]

It had Lima Bean Ice Cream, [picture of a bowl of ice cream with lima beans in it]

Jelly Bean Lasagna, [side view of lasagna with jelly beans in it]

Brussels Sprouts Marmalade, [picture of a jar of marmalade with Brussels sprouts floating in it]

and Pickle Cake. [picture of a round cake with whole pickles sticking out of it]

But Anne's favorite recipe was [picture of Anne, smiling]

Whipped Avocado Dessert. [large picture of a gooey greenish glop in a bowl]

Anne asked her mother to make it for her every day, but her mother always said no. [picture of a dejected Anne and her mother]

"That's just wrong," said her mother. And, when Anne had asked many times, "Anne, you have Whipped Avocado Dessert on the brain." [picture of Anne's mother's face]

Anne wondered what it would be like to have Whipped Avocado Dessert on her brain. [picture of Anne with a thought balloon of herself with the gooey greenish glop all over the top of her head]

One day, Anne got sick. Her head hurt, and she had a fever. [picture of Anne in bed, under the covers, with a thermometer in her mouth]

Anne's mother took her to the doctor's office. [pciture of Anne holding her mother's hand, going into a hospital]

The doctor took some X-rays. [picture of an X-ray of Anne's head]

The doctor said, "Well, Anne, it looks like you have Whipped Avocado Dessert on the brain." [picture of the doctor pointing to the X-ray, Anne looking on in wonder]

"I know," said her mother. [picture of Anne's mother]

"You need plenty of rest," said the doctor. "No school, and no reading cookbooks." [picture of the doctor looking sternly at Anne, who looks disappointed]

Anne spent the next two weeks in bed doing nothing. It was very boring. [picture of Anne in bed, staring at the ceiling]

After that, Anne felt better. "I'm so glad you're feeling better," said her mother. [picture of Anne, in pajamas, standing next to her bed, with her mother standig next to her smiling]

"I'm so glad that I'm going to make you Whipped Avocado Dessert." [picture of Anne's mother, beaming]

"Oh," said Anne. "I know how to make that. You need avocados, whipping cream, powdered sugar, and lime juice." [picture of two avocados, a container of whipping cream, some powdered sugar in a bowl, and a lime]

"Ick," said her mother. "But I'll make it for you." [Anne's mother with an "ick" kind of look on her face]

So her mother made Whipped Avocado Dessert. [picture of Anne's mother, busy in the kitchen]

When it was ready, Anne sat at the table with her bowl of Whipped Avocado Dessert. [picture of Anne sitting at a table with a bowl of the gooey greenish glop]

Anne took a big spoonful [picture of a hand holding a spoon, laden with gooey greenish glop]

and tasted it. [picture of Anne with the spoon in her mouth]

[same picture, but now Anne has an "ick" expression on her face]

"Ick," said Anne. And she never read that cookbook again. [picture of Betty Crocker's Cookbook of Absolutely Everything discarded, under a bed]

The End.
pink vader

Avocado experiment

Avocado and mustard isn't as good as I'd hoped it would be. I think I'll stick with ketchup.

And in other avocado-related news, I just received a sticky with a drawing of Whipped Avocado Dessert on the brain.

Preview of the weekend

I got sucked into a programming project (a new one), and managed to spend a good 20 minutes on it instead of working. And now it's time ot leave. Besides being new, it's also fairly little, at least in its current incarnation. I'm thinking about turning it into something a little bigger. Watch this space for details.

I finished up my current batch, so I'm starting in on the Grade 8 batch tomorrow. Whee. Good news is that I get to work from home Friday again, which basically means working over the whole weekend so I don't get burned out. I'm really looking forward to the weekend.